Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super deal on wipes at Target

There's a $1/1 Up&Up wipes (excluding trial) Target printable HERE. The price of these varies, but today I found the 48ct Toddler flushable wipes for $.97 (on price cut). These are regularly $1.27, so when the Target q is scanned, the register automatically adjusts it to $.97. No beeps, no drama.

I got ten packs of wipes, three Glade tins and 4 Glade refills for $3.15 and got a $5 gift card back! (Although, looking at the receipt, I *think* the cashier accidentally scanned an extra target $1q. It's impossible to tell- their receipts are so convoluted!)

Other wipes were priced from $1.27, $1.57, etc.


  1. You found the Glade again? It's NEVER in when I go and i've been to 4 now around the area looking for those. And I bought the wipes yesterday but they were $1.27 at the store I was at. Oh well! I thought they would all be the same though?

  2. I haven't had the best luck with the Glade- They had a TON of tins, but only two holiday refills. I got the two holiday refills, and, since they were free, I two non-holiday ones. And three tins- so I'd get the gift card.
    The prices on wipes are not consistent. My Target here in Clarksville has them at $1.47! This was at the Cool Springs store (where they were $.97). I don't understand why they're all different.

  3. In the beginning of the deal I was finding loads of refills but no tins- now I'm finding loads of tins but no refills. Ugh.

  4. I found the toddler wipes today, YaY. .97 at my store, too. I got 8, but they had plenty.

    No Glade tins or refills. I got jar candles (well, they HOLD candles, don't they?)... the $1.50 off holder coupon and gift card, they were just free.
    (JUST free, lol)

    Did the Scrubby bubbles deal again. Got the gift card with no problem, BUT I gave my MQs before the TQs, so I think the last TQ self-adjusted down to $1.00, instead of giving me the $1.50.

  5. What store are you shopping on wipes? I just want to make sure they will take multiple coupons because I really need wipes. I'm getting confused on the tins/refills deal. Are there only certain tins you can get (ie holiday tins excluded)? I've seen the three candles in a box, which I believe are refills. My sister uses these alot and a little gift bag with these in them for Christmas would be well received. I don't feel safe using candles with little children;(Sigh, fond memories of my pre-children years) so I don't buy them for myself.

  6. Deena, I found the wipes on sale at the COol Springs store but I've never had a problem using multiple Targt q's at any target store. You could also do one per transaction- (they don't state one per customer, just one per transaction)The q will auto-adjust to $.97 making them tax only.

    The Glade deal - there's a lot of ways to do it, but the best way is this (I haven't found the stock to do it this way- all stores seem to be out of the holiday refills now):

    2 Glade Holiday tins 2.50/ea
    3 Glade Holiday refills 2.50/ea
    Total: $12.50

    2 $1.50/1 Glade holder mq (found inside the tins)
    2 Buy holder, get refill free mq (from paper or blinkies found at Kroger/Food Lion)
    1 Buy two refills, get one refill free
    mq (from paper insert a couple weeks ago)

    Pay: $2.00+ tax

    Get back $5 gift card.

    You have to give the "free" q's first, then the $1.50 ones or the free ones beep b/c the 1.50 ones will attach to the refills for some reason.

  7. oh and the Glade gc deal is all holiday scents/products only. So any of the holiday tins, refills, jars, plug-ins, etc.

  8. I must have negative coupon karma. I went to target to get the scrubbling bubbles and wipes. It started out great. I gave her the gift card coupon first, she gave me the gift card. Next the peelie $2/2 mq. Went through fine. Next gave her the $1.50/2 tq. They wouldn't work. I told her they were target coupons and the other were mqs. Still wouldn't work. Next she tried the target wipes ip and it beeped (which were toddler wipes for $.97 on clearance because the regular wipes were $1.47). She told me I could only use those at the Supertarget. So after searching everywhere and taking forever, I ended up with nothing. (I did find a boatload of Glade tins, but I didn't know I had to look in the tins for the $1.50 mq so I waited). Too bad publix won't take the $5 gift card coupon because I am just done away with trying Target.

  9. Deena, I'm so sorry! Yes, the $1.50/2 will beep, you have to have a good cashier that will push it through. I actually found one more and did it one more time today (At the Cool Springs store). I'm wondering which one you shopped? Because I bought wipes twice now at the Cool SPrings store and the coupon self-adjusted to $.97 without any prompting from the cashier. No beeps. I wonder if the store you went to has their registers coded differently? That happened to me once when I was trying to buy the cereal cups that were on sale for $.97 with a $1 Target q. People were reporting the q self-adjusted, but it didn't at my store and they wouldn't take them b/c they beeped. I still haven't figured it out.

    If you go to the Cool Springs store it will work. I promise! You've got until Friday before they expire.