Monday, November 9, 2009

A new idea for Publix

For those of you who have, less-than-friendly Publix stores, or get nervous bringing your total close to zero, try this...

Drop in Publix sometime and get a $25 gift card.

Then, the next shopping trip you make, add another $25 gift card to your purchase. Have the cashier ring it first and then your other items.
Let's pretend that after all your items and overage, your total is $.52 (not including the gift card). If you purchase a gift card, your total is actually $25.52, but when you use the FIRST gift card to pay for $25, making your total $.52. Then you have your new $25 gift card for your next purchase, there won't be any nervousness on the part of the cashier, since your total was $25+ and not under a dollar.

You can keep rolling them like this as long as you like.

For those who like to think that us couponers are "getting something for free" "practically stealing" "probably doing something illegal" etc, this makes them think you're spending more than you really are and will help keep you in good graces.

This also helps prevent the need for manager override since the coupon amount won't go into the tax.


  1. That is a good idea. And if I accidently went into the negative it wouldn't be so obvious and the cashier wouldn't look so freaked out.

    Or maybe not so accidently. Would it possible to build up overage like that?

    I still have right at $25.00 left of my Kraft rebate Gift Cards, maybe I'll go ahead and roll that into another gift card.

  2. thanks, that's a good idea.

  3. Mel- sure. I don't have trouble at my store, but I bought a bunch of stuff that had overage and I didn't have time to do any math so I just got a gift card. I paid $17 oop, but I have a $25 gc leftover. (so negative $8). I'll just use it as I need it, and if I think I might go over again, I'll pick up a small gift card.

  4. Awesome idea...I'm surprised I haven't thought about that tactic myself, but then, most of my Publix are just great to couponers...thank you !

  5. This can really be helpful if you live near a Publix with a gas pump. The only one I know of near Nashville is in Franklin. I never go there to shop, but my ped is in that area and I can stop by for gas.

  6. I just found your site and I love it! What a great idea. Lately when they've been opening the cash drawer to give me cash back it's been particularly embarrassing LOL! I'd much rather fly under the radar!