Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walgreens 4-day sale scenarios

Here are some ideas for the 4-day sale starting tomorrow. Don't forget to hang onto your reach q's to get them beginning the first for the catalina deal!

Scenario 1
Celsius drink $3.99
-$3/1 mq (regional, I bought some from CouponsthingsbyDede)
Noxzema razors $3.99
-$2/1 mq 5.23.10 RP
fill $.20 (Royal Gelatin?)

Use $3rr from Socks or Blistex
=$.18 oop+tax

Earn $3rr, $3rr

Scenario 2
Sure Deodorant $1.99
-$1.50/1 mq 5.2.10 SS
Crest $3.00
-$.75/1 mq 6.6.10 P&G, 6.27.10 RP
fill $.50 (Campbells soup, Arizona Tea, Wags straws, etc)

Use $3rr (from Blistex, socks, Celsius or Noxzema- if you do that transaction first)

earn $1rr, $3rr

Scenario 3
Sure $1.99
-$1.50/1 mq 5.2.10 SS
Efferdent $2.99
-$.55/1 mq 5.2.10 SS
Noxzema razors $3.99
-$2/1 mq 5.23.10 RP
$.20 fill

use $5rr from Blistop
=$.12 +tax oop

earn $1rr, $2rr, $3rr

Scenario 4
Celsius $3.99
-$2/1 printable HERE
Crest $3.00
-$.75/1 mq 6.6.10 P&G, 6.27.10 RP
Sure $1.99
-$1.50/1 mq 5.2.10 SS
fill $.20

Use $5rr from Bistop
=$.23+tax oop

earn $3rr, $3rr, $1rr

And, if you still have some $10rr's you want to use, try this
Scenario 5
Celsius $3.99
-$2/1 printable
Noxzema $3.99
-$2/1 mq 5.23.10 RP
Blistex $3.00 (or Aloe socks if you can find 'em!)
Crest $3.00
-$.75/1 mq
Brut Deo $1.99
-$1/1 mq All You Magazine

Use $10rr from Neutrogena
=$.21 oop+tax

earn $3rr, $3rr, $3rr, $3rr, $1rr


  1. I was at Wags before the employees this morning, lol.

    I only had the $2 q's for the Celcius...I didn't want to spend cash, but my totals kept coming up to over $4.00, so to use (2) $3 RR's I kept having to buy things to bring my totals up to $6.00 + tax. Then I only get (2) $3 RR's back, so I wasn't profiting anything, so I quit.

    I'll probably check back in a day or so and if they have anything left, maybe I can find some Reach for overage, plus the mm RR.

    I saw a bunch of the Reach in a bin next to the front checkouts today.

  2. What about

    Celsius $3.99
    Sure deo $1.99
    -$1/1 (I think the $1.50 expired today)

    use $3rr

    earn $3rr and $1rr