Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rite Aid's crazy deals get crazier

If you're not a regular Rite Aid shopper then you'll be even more confused, since I certainly am.

Rite Aid has a new program called Up+, that is working like CVS ecb's and Walgreens' rr's. This is a coupon that prints out at the bottom of your receipt when you buy participating "deals/products". It can be used toward anything in the store, including on the same deal. It is tied to your wellness card in that you must scan your card to get the deal, but as of now there are no limits, unlike CVS. But it is apparently keeping track of your purchases, since it seems you don't have to purchase all items in one transaction to get the deal.

For example: (This deal might only be good in the "test" cities.)
Huggies diapers are $11.99 regular priced. There is a deal going on through 6/13 where if you buy three packs of diapers, you will get a $11.99 up+ reward coupon. You don't have to get all three of these at once. So you can purchase them in separate transactions and after the third one is bought, it will print the reward.

As far as I am concerned, this is the best of both worlds of ecb's and rr's. no limits, and you can roll them into themselves.


But Rite Aid is going crazy with the deals and programs. So confusion may set in. Just get all your ducks in a row before you go shopping and you should be fine!


  1. When I called about the $11.99 coupon I was told that it was only in some starts and citys but that was a few weeks ago so I will go today and see if its Tn.

  2. According to Southern Savers, the +UP program went Nationwide Sunday June 6th. I can't swear to it, though.

    It didn't work for me when I bought the Old Spice body wash, but they kept telling me I had got the wrong thing, so I don't know what happened. The manager gave me four-bucks, though.

  3. I thought there were limits- but it does say limit one PER TRANSACTION! So I could get the UP reward again on the same items. Did not know that. I was in today and the rewards did print- for the ones in our ad here (don't know about diapers- past that stage TG).

  4. Colleen, yep, it's per transaction! woohoo!!

  5. Sadly, it seems that Rite Aid will be out of business soon. :-( They have been on the verge of bankruptcy for years, and most predict that there really is no saving them now.
    I'm thinking these new "up" deals and the "dollar areas," etc are a last ditch effort to save RA.