Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nashville Publix shoppers near Nippers Corners

I have found that there are random items that are WAY cheaper at Nippers Corners than other Publix stores (no clue why).

Yesterday I was desperate to get some Mott's Medleys juice since it was free+ with the Publix and mq from Sunday's paper. I had already gotten two rainchecks at MF, one Friday and one yesterday) so I ran to Nippers to see if they had them in stock.
Well. Not only did they have them in stock, they are only $2.09 bogo instead of $2.79 bogo!
So I got $.95 overage for each one! (no problems with the overage either *whew*) I was doing the happy dance all the way to my car!

So if you are still looking for juice, might want to go there. Or if you need rainchecks, or need a cheap place to USE your raincheck- head there!


  1. I agree. Nipper's corner has had some things way cheaper than the other Publix stores. I thought it was odd at the time I was shopping there as well.

  2. No juice tonight:(. Nipper's is my regular store- esp.. in the summer as it's closest to me in all this horrible heat.

  3. Wow!!! That location is not my favorite, but I will keep your info in mind for the future.

  4. Has anyone had issues with Nipper's accepting rainchecks from other stores? I had a cashier give me a hard time about using one from Concord Rd location at Nippers. A CS manager let me do it. They've begun stamping the back of the raincheck with the store's address.

  5. I know a lot of the stores have been stamping the backs of the rainchecks (MF has been doing it for at least 8 months or longer), but I am pretty sure that store policy is to accept a raincheck from ANY Publix store. I suspect that a quick chat with a CSM or SM would have them accepting a raincheck from another store without any trouble. Maybe the cashier was confused.