Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free at Food Lion!

If you've got a Food Lion in your area, you're in luck right now! Some good deals with the current "instant savings" promotion. And a SUPER Food Lion printable coupon!!

$2/1 Capri-Sun Food Lion printable HERE
(this can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon, if you have any)
Capri-Sun are $2.07 at Food Lion, so only $.07 each with coupon!! If you're new to Food Lion, these printables can only be used one time in a transaction.

When you buy 5 participating items, you get $5 off instantly. So basically, you take off one dollar for each item.

One is a "sweet deals" promotion and include:
Cool Whip- Whipped Topping 2/$2 (or $1 each, yeah, buy 5, and without any coupons whatsoever, only pay tax!)
-$.20/2 mq 6.27.10 SS
Smuckers Toppings 3/$5
-Bogo ip HERE
Bomb Pops $2.99 bogo (or $1.50/ea)
(If you go here and sign up for the iscream team, you will get an email with a coupon for $1/1 any Blue Bunny carton or "novelty carton", so if your store considers Bomb Pops "novelties" - which, what else would they be?, then you can use this $1/1 on these, for a $.50 mm on each one)

Some scenario ideas:
4 Smuckers toppings $1.67, 1.66/ea = $6.67
-2x bogo q's = $3.33
1 Cool Whip $1.00
(no q)
-$5 instant savings
=-$.66 (get something else to eat the overage)

2 Smuckers toppings $3.33
-bogo mq= $1.67
3 Cool Whip $1.00/ea
-$.20/2 mq
-$5 instant savings
=-$.34 (get something to eat overage)

And then the other instant savings promotion is by Kraft, and included are Crystal Light and Kraft Sandwich Shop mayo.

Crystal Light 2/$5 ($2.50/ea)
-$2/1 Vocalpoint home mailer (If you haven't signed up for Vocalpoint, they send out some super q's! Go HERE to sign up!)
Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo 2/$4 ($2/ea)
-$1/1 mq 6.13.10 SS

3 Crystal Light $2.50/ea
-$2/1 mq home mailer
2 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo $2/ea
-$1/1 mq
-$5 instant savings
=-$1.50 (get something you need to eat the overage)

OR, alternately, you might want to hang onto those Kraft mayo q's for the big moneymaker at Publix!! :)


  1. Thanks for this post! We LOVE Smuckers caramel in our latte's! YUM! We are just a bout out from last years sale. There is also a $1/2 coupon out as well.

    Also, Publix had the Capri Sun on sale this week (ended tonight) for 3/$5 so they were free with overage. Im not sure if it will continue tomorrow.

  2. mmmmm.... it's super delish on apple pie too! :) My store still had a $1/2 tearpad for the smuckers so thanks for the reminder!

  3. Could you tell us more about the Kraft Mayo big money maker?

  4. Never mind about the mayo deal, just read it below!! thanks

  5. Without sounding terrible or ungrateful (because I am not! and love your blog), is there any way to verify that smuckers BOGO coupon is real? It printed really fuzzy and its a google doc. I couldnt find it in the database either. I just would never want to cheat a store.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Tanya- not at all! :) No worries- this is a pdf that was available at a while back that someone clipped and just made more than one to a page so it was less waste of paper. I am not sure why it is blurry, but that truly is the way it looked when it was a pdf on the smuckers site (I actually printed one a while back when it was available).

    So it is completely legit and the stores will be reimbursed. :)

    Occasionally I will run across a coupon like this. I even have some I have saved (I learned that a while back when the $1/1 Scotch Brite q was available as a pdf). They disappear from site, but are still good for those that saved the pdf while it was available.

    However, worth noting that I did have trouble at my store using it since the mgr suddenly decided it was considered a "free" coupon and they should not take it. *aigh*. I was trying to inform her that no, it's not "free", it has a qualifier of buying one to get one free, so therefore can be used at Food Lion and not against their policy. She finally relented and gave me the "ok, but just this one time" garbage.

    Of course, if you don't feel comfortable using it, then that's your option. My store did have the $1/2 tearpads right on the display so using that is still a great deal!


  7. Thanks for letting me know!