Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things on my list for Publix this week, 6.16.10

Thought this might give you guys some ideas. Here's what's on my list this week:
(I will list all the competitor q's for these, even though they're not accepted at all the stores around here)

Tombstone Pizza $5.79 bogo
-$1/1 FLip

Wishbone dressing $2.65 bogo
$.50/1 mq HERE
-$.75/1 Targetq
=$.43 MM

Nature's Own Bread $2.85 bogo
-$.75/1 mq HERE (zipcode 23322)

Old El Paso Dinner Kits $2.95 bogo
-$.50/1 mq HERE (zipcode 90210)

Tostitos $4.99 bogo
-$1/1 Targetq

Bailey's Creamer $2.09 bogo
-$.55/1 Publixq (Yellow flyer)
-$1/1 ip HERE
=$.50 MM

Starbucks Ice Cream $3.79 bogo
-$1.25 or $1.50/1 mq 5.23.10 RP

Eggo Waffles $2.49 bogo
-$1/2 blinkie or 6.20.10 SS
-$1/1 Targetq
=$.51 MM wyb 2

GE Reveal Lightbulbs $3.49 bogo
-$1.50/1 Targetq
-$1/1 4.18.10 SS
=$.75 MM

Dove Deodorant $2
-$2/1 ip HERE or HERE
-$1/1 Targetq
=$1.00 MM

Combat Ant traps $3.69
-$3/1 Publix yellow flyerq
-$2/1 HERE or from coupons.com at zipcode 23322 (thanks Colleen!)
=$1.31 MM

Sundown Vitamin D $2.99
-$1/1 peelie
-$6/2 Publixq, Green Adv Buy flyer
=$2.02 MM wyb 2

Schick Razor trial pack $.99
-$2/1 mq
=$1.01 MM


  1. Hey Brandy! TODAY is the day that the new Publix at Nashville West opens! I am planning to go late this morning! The address is 6614 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, 37209. You would want to get to I-40 west like you are going to Memphis, and take the Charlotte Pike exit (I think it is exit #201). Turn left (or go back East), and you will find Nashville West on the left. Nashville West is a big complex of lots of different stores: Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Old Navy, Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less, Barnes and Noble, Justice for Girls, Bath and Body Works, Party City, Dollar Tree, Staples, Pet Smart, Costco, and now Publix! And there is a Red Robin and Logans there as well. And that's all the stores I can remember...there are more! You really should come check it out sometime. Here is the phone number to the new store: 615-352-1055 Maybe you can call and find out when the manager you like so much will be there and plan your trip then!

  2. the natures own sends me to baileys website!

  3. Wow. The only MM I knew of was on the sundown. I also locate some older rainchecks. RC don't expire at Publix do they?

  4. Hey, turns out I didn't see this before I went today. So I clicked on the link for the Nature's Own Bread (which goes to the creamer btw :)) then went to coupons.com with the zip you provided, and while my bread q's were STILL print limit reached, the Combat was there!!! So that is back!

  5. Oopsie- the bread is at coupons.com - will edit it when I get home

  6. Thank you! I didn't even know about most of these. And thanks for remembering to make the mm's red so I can see them, lol!

  7. I couldn't find the Tostitos Target Q was that a print from the Target site from a while back? Darn missed on that one!

    Love your list thank you for you effort.

  8. Melissa, you're welcome! lol. yes, the red helps!! :)

    Christa, I'm not sure. I printed it a bit ago and can't remember when. :( Sorry!!