Sunday, June 6, 2010

High Value Pampers coupon

As many of you have noticed, there is a super high value Pampers wipes coupon in the paper today. It is for $2 off any 60+ct pack of Pampers wipes. This is one of those coupons you can use now to get free wipes, or you can hang onto a few in hopes of a mm somewhere.

Currently Free at:
Walmart: $1.97 on rollback

Super cheap:
Target: $2.39 on sale
Rite Aid: $2.49, used with other items and a $5/20= free
Walgreens: $2.50

I would suspect there will be more deals on these somewhere before they expire.

Word is out that some of the big packs of Pampers wipes are included in the clearance baby items at CVS as well, so you may be able to score a free big pack of wipe refills there- just price check.


  1. Hey Brandy, I usually get 4 copies of the coupon inserts each week...we get a copy delivered, and three folks at my church are very faithful to bring me their inserts. One person was on vacation yesterday, so I only have 3 copies from yesterday (they will probably bring them to me next week). But I am thinking with the $2 off Pampers wipes and the $4 off Gillette razor coupons, it might be a good week to buy extra copies. Where do you recommend buying extra copies, especially in the Nashville area? I know at one time, Kroger had the Sunday paper all week (after Sunday) for only $1! I am really not willing to pay more than might be better to just buy those particular coupons from a clipping service.

    Also, I haven't forgotten to give you directions to the new Publix at Nashville West (opens on 16th). I'll email you next week about that.

    AND, I know from your avatar at HCW that you are an Adam fan (so am I). Did you see that he will be at the Ryman on July 7th? I don't have the cash for a ticket, but I might just have to go down there and hang out! lol! Maybe catch a glimpse! lol! I wonder if he would go out on the town afterwards? Hmmmm :-)

  2. Mel- Yes, Kroger still sells them for a dollar during the week, and I have a friend picking up extras for me there bc I hate paying $1.75 for them!! ugh. Yesterday at Wags they were on sale for $1.19, so I used some rr's to get some (I usually try to get some at either wags or rite aid with rr's/overage) I also will be hitting up the recycle bin a few times this week ;) The clipping services are already out of the pampers q's. and the prices on ebay are astronomical!

    *sigh* yes, I *heart* Adam. I am scrounging to save money to get some tickets. I reeeaaaalllly want to go!! I might even take my four year old. She loves him too. lol. she sings along with all his songs. it's quite funny to hear a 4 (nearly five) year old singing Fever and Strut. hehehehehe

  3. I found the refills packs today at my CVS for $1.99!!! I love me some free wipes!!

  4. "Hitting up the recycle bin"? Oh, tell! lol

    My friend who is also a couponer suggested that I call the Tennessean. I may do that, especially if I can't find papers at my stores for a good price.

  5. ok, for some reason Mel, your last comment isn't showing up, but yeah, the recycle bins!

    Basically, head over to the recycle stations and take a peek in the newspaper bin. I can always find complete inserts with nothing cut out of them. I can pull out a couple on a slow day, or, on one great day, I pulled out about 50 of them!

    The one near me (in Clarksville) is a manned station, but I can still pull out some when it's full. There are a bunch in Nashville that are unmanned- I have been told there is one behind Hillsboro High School that has tons of inserts.

  6. Good luck calling the local papers, I called the Chronicle (here) and asked about the ones they pick up at the end of the week- they pick them up from the stores and then recycle them. They said, oh sure, you can come BUY the inserts we pick up at the end of the week. Um, no, I would just buy the paper at full price if I wanted to do that. sheesh.