Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free this week, 6/13/10

Here's some frees I see this week, I may add to this later b/c it's late and I still have to put together my deals for tomorrow's trip out. :)

Neutrogena Moneymaker! All Neutrogena is 25%off, Soap bars are $2.69 and $2.99 before discount. Then there's a monthly rr deal where you get a $10rr for every three Neutrogena you buy. And there's a $1/1 Neutrogena coupon in the paper tomorrow.
Buy 3 Neutrogena bars @ $2.01/ea after discount
-$1/1 (if it is in your paper and good for the bars)
Earn $10 rr!!

Nivea Men's Body Wash $5.99
-$3/1 mq
Earn $6rr

Schick Hydro Razor $7.99
-$5/1 mq 6.13.10 SS (regional, possibly a $4/1- yes we got the $4/1's in our area)
Earn $4rr

Rite Aid
**Look for clearanced MEGA packs of diapers- my store had Pampers, Huggies, Rite Aid brand, Luvs...all on clearance, Pull-ups also included.

Ivory Bar Soap 3pack $.99
-$1/1 mq (Rogue Magazine)

Bayer Aspirin $.99
-$1/1 mq 3.21.10 SS or printable

Gillette Body Wash $2.99
-$4/2 mq 5.02.10 P&G
*Buy two @ $2.99/ea = $5.98, use $4/2 coupon = $1.98
earn $2.99 SCR

Nature's Bounty Vitamins BOGO $4.99
-$3/1 ip
=$1.01 mm wyb 2

StyleScience Sunglasses for kids $7.99 bogo50%
-$4/1 Rite Aid VV coupon

2x Kids Style Science Sunglasses = $11.98
-2x $4/1 RAvv coupon
=$3.98 oop
Earn $10 SCR
= $6.02 MM

Benadryl qualifies for the Allergy rebate and the Benadryl/Zyrtec rebate, so this is a GREAT deal, if you've got the coupons. In fact, this is a $55 moneymaker!!
Benadryl $5.49 (and if you're at the silver or gold Wellness level, it will be even cheaper)
-$5/2 mq 4.11.10 RP
-$2/1 in-ad coupon
-$1/1 VVq

Transaction 1
8x Benadryl $5.49
-4x $5/2 mq
-8x $2/1 in-adq
-8x $1/1 VVq
*add $5 of something you need, or perhaps some SCR items, like the kids sunglasses

Transaction 2
6x Benadryl $5.49
-3x $5/2 mq
-6x $2/1 in-adq
-6x $1/1 VVq

Earn $25 RA gift card for allergy rebate and a $20 gift certificate for the zyrtec/benadryl program.

This makes this a $55.xx moneymaker!!!

**A few deals on sunscreen, not FREE, but cheap, and worked into a deal with a $5/20, could be free!
Coppertone $8.99, Earn $2 +up reward (one per transaction)
-$2/1 ip (no longer available)
-$1/1 ip HERE
-$3/1 VVq
=$3.99 oop, earn $2 +up
This also applies to the skincare rebate- buy $25 and get $5 back

Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock $11.99, 20% off =$9.49
-$5/1 ip
=$4.49 oop
This also applies to the skin care rebate

AND, a good deal on Huggies...again, work it in with a deal and use a $5/20
Huggies $8.99, earn $1 +up AND $2 SCR
-$3/1 ip
-$1/1 VVq
=$4.99, earn $1 +up per transaction and $2 SCR (limit one) = $1.99!


  1. I did the Nivea for men deal at Wags today but we did get the $4/1 Schick Hydro q so not as good a deal for us and I CANNOT find th Neutrogena soap at my Wags! I really want to do that deal. We did get the $1/1 q! I don't think my Wags carries the facial soap. I will be checking other area ones though.
    Have you had any luck finding the Aveeno Positively Ageless sunblock at Rite Aid? I finally saw it at Wags today but I haven't at any Rite Aids for the last two weeks.... I haven't worked up Rite Aid yet.... did CVS and Wags today!

  2. Hey Brandy,

    Thanks for posting these deals. Is the Benadryl deal all month long? I need to try and round up a couple of the $5/2 coupons if my family have them. The little one is allergic to insect bites. Had a small bite turn into a big deal yesterday and realized I'm almost out. Of course I immediately thought of your post. Definitely stock up time and with this deal I may be able to get enough for next summer as well.

  3. So, we can use an in-ad coupon with a video values coupon? I'm considering doing the Benadryl deal if I can find enough coupons. Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. I have another random question. Which region are we in for Kroger match-ups? I can't seem to find a site that has match-ups. Thanks.

  5. T- we are in the louisville region and I haven't found any local bloggers that cover the louisville ad. I try to write up the good weeks, but lately there haven't been any good deals at Kroger. I haven't been there in ages.

    Yep, you can use a vvq with an in-adq.

    Deena, the Benadryl rebate is good for a while yet, but the in-ad coupon is only this week. I already fulfilled my allergy rebate and I am really kicking myself!!

  6. Thanks for the info!!! Where do I find the info for the $20 Zyrtec/Benadryl program? I see the $25 rebate #552 but not the other.

  7. The Allergy rewards program is separate from the SCR program (although if you enter the receipt in the SCR, it will automatically add to the rewards program if it qualifies). The link is here: