Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great deals on Eco-friendly items~including diapers!

Are you swagging yet? If you haven't yet joined Swagbucks, now might be the time. There are some high-value sbucks to be found and a new gift card available!

I was thrilled to see this:
$5 gc to store for only 115 swagbucks! (a $5 gift card to Amazon is $420 bucks, for comparison)
This store seems to have everything organic that you can imagine. I have been wanting some new cloth wipes and a stainless steel bottle/cup for my son, so I am currently browsing the offers they have.

They have tons of items, including Seventh Generation diapers for $18.99. So with 460 swagbucks, you could get a free pack of diapers! It doesn't take long at all to build them up either.
Discovered there is a minimum $20 purchase and only one gc per transaction! Still a nice deal, but not as good as free with this site. :( Sorry guys!!!

If you're a cloth diaperer at heart, like I am, they also have ecobaby fitteds for only $15.99! That is an incredible deal! Especially if you're trying to build a stash with limited funds. Use your swagbucks to reduce the cost of something you're already buying!

You just can't beat free, and Swagbucks is FREE money. :)

Go HERE to sign up!


  1. I love, love, love Swagbucks! We're saving up ours for Christmas this year. My goal is to buy all, or most of our son's Christmas via Swagbucks this year. That would be awesome!

    That is a great deal on diapers. It never ceases to amaze me the awesome deals you can get with swagbucks.

  2. This site has a nice selection of toys as well- all organic. Very nice! A much better deal than the 400+ swagbucks that the amazon card costs!

    We bought most of the kids gifts with amazon gift cards last year as well! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the tip! I've really been wanting some Badger sunscreen for my daughter and hadn't noticed this store on swagbucks before. MUCH cheaper than cashing in with Amazon! Now I can get it for free! Do you have any idea of the gift cards will cover shipping?

  4. Oh, and btw, your link above doesn't work... I think its :)

  5. Thanks Anon! Fixed the link! :) I haven't checked on shipping, I am still waiting for my cards to clear, so I can buy something! Let me know if you find out before I do.

  6. Its me again...and I'm so bummed :( My giftcards got credited today, but there are 2 issues. First - they say only one per purchase, and it must be a minimum $20.00. Second - I keep getting an "invalid coupon" message, and I've had NO luck reaching customer service.

    Have you tried yours yet? Any advice??

  7. Anon- oh man! I so didn't notice that!!! That really stinks! I actually had mine not go through b/c I forgot to validate it (goes to an old email address that I rarely check) so it reimbursed my account. I was going to rebuy them, but now I might not! I'm so sorry!! Let me know what you find out! Ok, editing my original post!!