Monday, June 28, 2010

My deals today, Walgreens

So, as any of you Walgreens shoppers know, the socks reward wasn't printing this morning. It didn't mess me up today, since I was wanting to roll my $10rr's and not use the $3rr's right away, so the manager said I could come back on Wednesday (when she works next) so that I can get my rr's for the socks I bought. I did go ahead and get them b/c I wanted them for Christmas baskets- they are soooo soft. Plus I wanted a few pair for myself, and Natalya had laid claim to a pink-striped pair. :)

I am VERY lucky that my store is awesome and will push through beeping coupons, allowing overage. I love them.

Started with $82.50 in rr's

6 Kotex U 3/$10, earn free movie ticket code wyb 3
12 Airplus Socks $3.00, earn $3rr
7 Flexitop Blistop $5.00, earn $5rr
7 Blistex $2.99, earn $3rr
12 Newspapers $1.19
6 Oral-B TB $4.99
3 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes $1.99 w/in-adq
2 Cracker/cheese dippers $1.00
1 Can sliced peaches $.79
52 Dentyne gum (just realized she rang up an extra one, and shorted me a coupon, but I'm not worried about it. ;) )
1 Dawn Dish Detergent $.99

Total tax: $18.18
Total oop, cash spent: $26.32
Total rr's spent: $5

RR's leftover: $96.50 (including the $36 owed to me for my socks. :) )
Also earned 2 Free Movie tickets (from Kotex deal) and 2 "Free" Always pads catalinas

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