Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rite Aid MM next week

Big Rite Aid MM next week that might be worth getting your hands on some extra coupons:
Motrin PM is $3
-$3/1 4.18.10 RP
=$0 (pay only tax)
Earn $3 Up+ reward!


  1. I have some on my site if anyone need some coupons!

  2. should these be purchased in separate transactions like walgreens or could I do 3 in one transaction and get back 9.00 in up rewards

  3. Christa, no one is really sure about these up rewards yet and there's nothing in print anywhere, so I have been doing them separately just in case. If I hear otherwise, I will let you guys know!

  4. (It does say one per transaction on there, but some of these are printing multiple at once. . . just to be safe though, I'd do them one at a time)

  5. Thanks for the advice.
    The "comment as" link must have a bug, it's not letting me use my google account.