Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Huge MM at Rite Aid: week of 6.27.10

Another huge Rite Aid Moneymaker next week!

Deal next week:
John Frieda Hair products 4/$20, earn $10 Up+ wyb 4
-$3/1 mq
-$1/1 VVq
-$1/10 Haircare Wellness coupon

Here's your deal:

4 John Freida $20
-4x $1/1 VVq
-4x $3/1 mq
-$1/10 Haircare coupon
-$5/20 mq
=-$2.00 oop (add something you need, or perhaps the Crest that's free after scr, to get positive)

earn $10+up


  1. Oh man! NOt the week I am gone!! Do you think there will be any left late Sat night? IF I can even get back in a car after our road trip. There are no Rite Aids in AZ. I don't know about New Mexico!

  2. Oh Colleen, you are not going to want to read my next RA post- it's a massive good week at Rite Aid next week! I can totally see there still being some deals on Saturday. How's camping? Staying cool? :) (And, there were not, in fact, and Sundown at MF on Wednesday :) )