Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unadvertised Bogo at Publix = Moneymaker!

More on my Publix deals later, but I found this:

Kraft Sandwich Shop mayo $1.99 BOGO
-$1/1 mq 6.13.10 SS
-$1/1 Publixq Yellow Flyer
=$1 overage each!

I didn't know this was going to ring up bogo- it wasn't marked at ALL, I was buying them b/c they were free, and at the end, I wondered why my total was so low. I didn't think I had that much overage! I reviewed my receipt and found that the mayo is ringing up bogo! Awesome!!


  1. No BOGO at South Paulding Publix today :-(

    Maybe I should hang on to the rest of them and see if they will go BOGO later.

    People are reporting the Fisher snacks at $1.00 again at their Publix, but not at ours, either.

  2. well, they're on sale for $1.99 all month with the yellow flyer, so there's always a chance! Fisher Fusions are $1.50 at my store. Oh and the Emerald mixes? Yeah, totally wiped out. bah!

  3. It's BOGO at my store in Savannah, Ga!! It even had a sign on it saying BOGO!! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Ill have to check this out I dont have any mayo Q's but free with the flyer is good!

  5. I bought these last night BOGO at Publix in Birmingham. After I got home, I realized the expiration date (use by) was July 18--two weeks and three days away. I understand this is a new item, introduced in March. I now wonder if some of these unadvertised BOGO deals are ways for stores to pass off soon-to-expire merchandise on unsuspecting shoppers.

  6. Mary Ann, no, this isn't a Publix issue, the quick expiration is a manufacturer issue. I have bought this mayo at three stores, Food Lion, Kroger and Publix, and looked at them at Target, and they ALL have soon expiration dates- but only certain flavors. The chipotle ones I found don't expire until August, but the garlic/herb and hot and spicy ones expire in two weeks. I;m not sure if it's due to the ingredients, or processing or what the deal is.

    I think consumers need to send emails to Kraft regarding this issue. I know WE can't use up a bottle of mayo in two weeks, which means I will have to throw it out. So instead, I'm just taking it all to the food bank.

  7. Do you know which Publix's will still take HG Hill, Target and Food Lion Q's? I normally go to the location by Harris Teeter off of Old Hickory blvd. in brentwood which have stopped taking all of the above b/c they said they are not close enough to be competitors.

  8. Katie,

    - takes Food Lion and Target but only one per transaction

    - takes Food Lion, Target and HG Hill

    - takes HG Hill

  9. Kel- thanks, I forgot to come back and answer this. :) I think the Antioch store will take Food Lion q's, but it's been ages since I've been there.