Friday, September 25, 2009

I can't get that blasted coupon to print!

Ever felt this way? You click print coupon. It says "please wait" and that's all. Nothing happens. Or, you click the button and it says "Install coupon printer". You do so. Again. And Again. And Again. The never-ending loop. You still can't print your coupon.

Most coupons for "bricks" are coded for Internet Expolorer or Firefox. If you are using IE and try to print a Firefox coded coupon, it won't work. And vice-versa.

Try this.

If you can't print a coupon, go back to the first link where the button is to print. Look in the address bar at the top of your screen at the long string of characters. In that jumble, there will be one of the following

If you are trying to print one that has an "i" and it won't, change the "i" to a "g".
If you are trying to print one that has a "g" and it won't, change it to an "i".

This should change the coding to work for the browser you're using.

Good Luck and happy couponing!


  1. That was such a helpful tip!! This will be a LOT easier than switching browsers just to print a coupon!!

  2. It worked - you are a genius!

    BTW, love your blog. I'm a new reader and really excited about getting my savings up to the next level.

  3. Hi Betsy! Thanks for reading!!

    Glad this helps ya'll out. I can't take credit- I read it somewhere else. :D

  4. You ROCK!! I was trying to print the Pillsbury $1/1 coupons that had been reset and kept getting the "Please Wait" when I remembered seeing this on your blog a few days ago. Thanks so much and I enjoy checking in on your blog to seen all your amazing deals!!!