Sunday, September 27, 2009

walgreens, take one.

First trip this morning. I will go back later this week and ask the asst mgr to order more Fusion razors for me. (Should've asked last week, but I didn't think about it).

ETA: I was in the store for 2 hours and at the register for about 40 minutes. LOL. This is why I go when the doors open on Sunday while everyone else is in church. I did 29 transactions. They had almost everything I wanted, except they were short two razors and did not have the Rodbitussin to go's yet. Hopefully they'll be on this week's truck. I hate shopping at the other wags. Oh, and our paper didn't have ANY Halls coupons, so I got less of those than I originally intended.

Started with rr's: $32.50

Items purchased:
10 newspapers
1 Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush
2 Theraflu
4 Fusion Razors
5 Chapstick
4 Dentek floss picks
9 Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion
13 Herbal Essences items
5 Halls Refresh
3 EmergenC
2 charms (fills)
34 seed packs

Spent: $24.97 cash
Saved: $261.15

rr's leftover: $44.00


  1. Whewwww! I'm tried just reading the number of items you got, knowing what it took to get them.

    I know the seeds are your fillers, but do you garden?

    We planted a garden last year, but last year we had a severe drought, so it didn't do so well.
    This year my husband planted mainly only tomatoes, and a couple of cucumber vines. The tomatoes did pretty good, and we got a few cukes.

    I'm thinking next year I'll try to grow some pumpkins. I tried growing pumpkins last year, and had one going, and dummy - I mean Hubby - accidently weed-wacked it.

  2. I love to garden! Unfortunately, we live next to a park, and the deer, raccoons, oppossums and chipmunks ate everything we attempted to plant this year. :(
    (most of it was in pots on our deck- the raccoon took care of all of that. Poor Natalya had one little watermelon going, she was so excited! And the raccoon made quick work of it.)

  3. Darn animals are so rude, coming uninvited to dinner.

  4. Mel- lol. Not only uninvited, but eating all the food!!

  5. I wish our store had the seed packets! I ended up with High School Musical ring pops for $.24 each...$.08 would have been totally rockin'!

  6. Candi- I know- I usually use photos as fillers- I will go online the night before and order a whole bunch, in single transactions, they are $.19/ea and something I actually want. But I have been using the seeds lately b/c I have been short on time and it's a cheapy.