Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walgreens & Target

I went to Walgreens with the q's I picked up at Publix.

Three transactions resulted in:
9 Starbucks Frap 4-packs $5/ea
-B2G1 Starbucks 4-pack frap = $9.98/3
Total oop: $33.60
Total rr's earned: $15

Also shopped Target (the good one!) and scored big on Chef Michael's (finally!!)

18 bags Chef Michael's Dog Food $4.26/ea
-$3/1 mq + $1.50/1 Targetq = -$.24/ea
5 Fiber One Cereals $2.50/ea
-$1/1 Targetq + $.75/1 mq = $.75/ea {earn $5 gift card}
1 Dasani water $1.39
Total oop: $5.37
Gift Card earned: $5

I still have about 30 coupons to use!! Hoping that Target gets restocked this week.

1 comment:

  1. I'll bet you did a little dance when you found those Chef Michaels. LOL.

    I only found 3 bags when I went a few weeks ago. Still looking for them. :)