Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another item to go on my list

If you're running out of stockpile on ketchup, or if you're brand loyal to Heinz, check out this deal on ketchup/fries

1 Heinz Ketchup 40 oz (on sale) 2/$4
2 Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Fries $1.09/ea
Total $4.18
Use $3 Publix coupon from Toss for Cash- $3/wyb 1 Heinz and 2 Ore-ida

Total oop: $1.18


  1. Which Toss For Cash booklet do you have? Mine doesn't have any Ore-Ida coupons in it. (I have the one with the Mrs. Paul's Q in it.)

  2. Argh-sorry- see what I mean about the variations? This particular q is in the FL version of Toss For Cash (I have both- traded for some with a friend in FL)

  3. Is there anybody out there with the FL version of Toss For Cash? I would be willing to trade the TN version!!

  4. Nice, I'm going to have to do this one a few times! Just FYI I found $3.00 off pork coupons at Kroger today! They expire in 3 days. :-(

  5. Oh ya it was on the Budweiser case. No beer purchase required.

  6. Cheap- great tip on the pork q's!

    Jennifer- I know a few people that might have some- I'll ask around for you!

  7. Jennifer,

    I have the Fl version and am willing to trade. Email me