Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Publix and CVS

I made my weekly Publix run and then went to CVS. Both trips were awesome! Cvs was a moment of- oh MAN! If only I carried every coupon everywhere- they had mega packs of Pampers and Huggies clearanced for $4.00!!! And I have coupons for both- AT HOME. *sigh*. So I paid the grand whopping total of $4 per pack for 12 packs. Maybe I'll go back with some q's and see if they'll adjust. Worst they can say is no, right?

(Ran into Kelly from ilovepublix while there- she was leaving, I was coming... Hi Kelly! It was good seeing you! Savannah was so pretty in her skirt)
I filled up one grocery cart and needed another so I walked to the front with it and asked Jim (one of the asst mgrs) if I could leave it at register one (unmanned) while I finished up. He said "sure!" and got another cart for me. I filled up cart two (well, about halfway. LOL) and walked up there where one of my fave cashiers was on self checkout. I went to get my basket and asked her if someone could help me take the other one over to reg.3. She said, "well, hang on." and went to talk to Jim. Then she went and got a drawer and opened up the register for me! Jim jumped on self-checkout. This was an AWESOME trip! I saw all my favorite managers- Jim and Mary and I chatted about retail, coupons and such. Jim asked me if I taught a coupon class (meanwhile he was punching in his override code. LOL). I said no, but had considered it. (If anyone out there is interested in having me do so, let me know! I've been looking for a place to have one.). Everyone was super-nice, I did GREAT, and had a great shopping trip overall. I did get a bunch of rainchecks (seemed like a lot of items on my list I wanted flavors that were already sold out) but that's all good. I'm ok with that.

Total food tax: $7.99
Total non-food tax: $11.41
Total oop (on gift card): $4.59
Total savings: $471.37

ETA: Allright allright. LOL! I don't have time to type up all the q's but I'll highlight the mm's (since my kids are asleep and I just mostly cleaned the kitchen)

10 Eggo Waffles
5 fruit items
4 Kingsford Charcoal (with raincheck)
4 beef items
4 pork items
4 Glad straws
16 Covergirl Mascara
3 Yakisoba
10 Clorox Greenworks items
2 Cascade rinse items (with Clean in your cart q's)
2 Bounty paper towels (with Clean in your cart q's)
19 Birdseye vegetables
3 Lea&Perrins Worcestersire Sauce

Free things (after coupon/s)
10 Purina One Cat Food
6 Reusable Bags

Nearly Free/ Super-Cheap items
10 YoPlait YoPlus
2 Smart Balance sticks
3 Lender's Bagels (with raincheck)
3 Tide Stain Release (with Clean in your cart q's)
1 Bounce Dryer Bar (with Clean in your cart q's)
2 Cheerios
9 Spray -n- Wash
10 Dole fruit bowls
4 Sabra Hummus

Other things
2 Publix Salad Mix
2 Sorrento Cheese Sticks
1 Organic Valley Half Gallon Milk
1 Chunk Parmesan
1 Tropicana
3 Publix Greenwise Organic Black beans

12 Tide detergent
3 Dawn Dishwashing liquid
2 Vaseline Sheer
8 Pampers mega-pack
4 Huggies Mega-pack
Total oop: $81.37
Total saved: $279.73

A few of these packs I am going to resell (hoping for about $8/ea), and some I will keep. :) IF I can get them to reimburse some of the coupon amount, I hopefully can get at least $9-$10 back depending on which coupons I have. (Since I used ecb's on them, I can't go below zero)
I also bought the detergents for my Mom and Grandmother and they're going to pay me for them (since I had out of pocket). So 7 of the detergents I will get back about $3/ea for= $21.

Total after refunds/$$: $51.37
Still a darn good deal!


  1. Um..... I am sitting here with my mouth open. Where's the picture or the list of what you got?? I need to know! I won't be able to sleep tonight! ;)

  2. All I must say is WOW!!! Of course, my selfish nature is...what did you buy?? ;) So, what moneymakers were you using if you don't mind me asking? AWESOME!!!!

  3. so what in the world did you get at publix?!!? and how do you save so much!??! i thought i was doing good to save $130 and spent $33!!! yikes!! thats nothing compared to yours!! :) !Congratulations!!

  4. Kristin- wish granted. :)

    Bethany- if there's a specific q you are wondering about- ask away

    A peaceful place- LOL. $130 saved is AWESOME!! Some weeks are better than others- this was a really good one for me. Loving the Mascara deal!

  5. Whoa, you did great! Way to stretch that gift card!

    Now, what should we buy this week? lol

    $4.00 is still profit on diapers, but I know what you mean, it kills me to see something I have coupons for at home. Maybe they will refund for your coupons. Or maybe give you a full refund and let you rebuy them.

  6. You totally made my day by posting your updated list!!! :)

  7. Awesome! Which CVS had mega packs at $4?

  8. Daphne- it was the one in rivergate. I heard through the grapevine months ago they were clearancing them out but had never seen any. The manager told me both Huggies and Pampers were re-packaging/branding, and those were the old style, that's why they were on sale.

  9. Nice to see you yesterday too Brandy. I was hoping that we would run into each other one of these days.

    I did a random shop yesterday before the sales turned over (I never shop on Tuesday as you know). I'm a Wednesday girl. Been thinking of moving my shopping day to Mondays though. Our new baby's schedule is causing me to change my shopping day again; I only want to be out one day so that I can be home the rest of the week to care for my children.

    Maybe I'll see you again on a Tuesday (wink).

  10. I understand the baby making you change things around- I STILL haven't gotten things where I want them (and Z is almost 11 months old!) I saw your comment on your blog- I am glad you saw Eric and got to talk to him, he is a really wonderful guy, very friendly, very smart and very easy to like. :) I hope he stays at that store forever! LOL!

  11. I'm definitely in shock over your savings. But what on earth do you with all this stuff? You must have a mini market in your garage or your family/friends must love all the free stuff you give them. We live in an apartment so there's not a whole lot of stockpiling space plus I'm a newbiee to all this coupon business. Thanks for posting!

  12. Shannon- LOL! I do give a lot of it away. I try to help my family save money when I can since they've helped me so much in my life. :) A lot of the dried goods (Ritz crackers anyone) I give away. I also donate to the food bank. My grandmother loves the yogurt so she gets about half of that. All the cleaners and such I give some of to my family members- the health and beauty things I use for gift baskets at Christmas (saves me a ton of money!), and then if it still starts to get out of control...Yard Sale.

    I really enjoy being able to donate to the food bank since I have never been able to do that before (and financially, we make less now than before so that's really nice).

  13. Holy Smokes! I'd take a class from you if you're in the Atlanta area. Ok, so I must know what Q's you matched up. Saving that much just seems so impossible to me. I am in awe!

    Elizabeth M.

  14. Totally amazing!!! Sounds like you're in the Nashville area. I would definitely love to take a class.

  15. I would love to attend a class as well!Anytime anywhere