Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Putting it into Perspective

When people see my receipts, or hear my totals, they always are amazed. I am amazed too! I am in disbelief that it is possible to save THIS much money on groceries that we need and use every week.

I really put it into perspective today when I thought of this fact.

When I went to Publix last trip- I was TIRED and needed some caffeine. I decided to splurge on Starbucks.

Starbucks total: $7.85 (for a coffee for me and a tea for N)
Publix total: $4.59 (for TWO carts of groceries.)



  1. I have been following your blog for a while and I still can't seem to figure out how you can get so much for so little. I think a big part of it is the Publix coupons in their flyers... I find very few of these at my store in Franklin. Are they mostly regional and you trade for them? Any suggestions on how to get my hands on more of these?


  2. I went to McDonald's yesterday after going to Publix to get Caroline some nuggets. My McDonald's total was more than my entire grocery bill! I feel ya!!

  3. Bethany, I know! It's almost PAINFUL!! LOL!!

    Anon- I used to be one of those "save 50%" shoppers for the longest time. Then I ran across a blog that inspired me. I told everyone about it. She had bought a ton of groceries and spent $2. I was flabbergasted. How does one do it?? I spent the next few weeks following her blog and reading all the details. I'll post a separate post about some tips, but yes, sometimes it is all about the coupons. Our area doesn't get a lot of good coupons. I do trade for a lot. (Made several friends in Fl and Ga that send me q's and flyers we don't get here). I also buy on ebay and other clipping sites when I know a coupon will be a moneymaker. I watch the sites that post previews so I can order them right away in time for that week's sale. Paying $2 for 20 coupons that will net you $.50 to $1 each is totally worth it.
    Example 1- Kellogg's. We do not get Kellogg's inserts here. I don't know why and it stinks. Someone from FL sent me 10 of the $1/2 Eggo coupons and I had someone in GA send me some of the Fuel for school booklets with the "save $2 wyb two Eggos" coupons in them. If I wasn't trading, that would not have been something I would have bought.

    I suggest joining (if you haven't already) and start hanging out on the Publix board. Become a "trader" so you can see the trading forum and post wants/haves. also has a trading site. You can post things you're looking for on there, or respond to others who are looking for things.

    When the Toss For Cash booklets came out, they were in stores for ages. I picked up a handful each time I went in, and ended up with tons of them. I traded a friend in Fl - for the FL version.

    Sometimes it is about thinking ahead, and the longer you do this, the easier it will become. (I've been doing this for over a year, and extremely for about 9 months or so)

  4. Have you shopped the Publix in Hermitage on lebanon Road? I always go there and most of the managers are very nice. Do you ever have a problem on the penny item? This week it was the sport cap six pack of water. They ran out sometime before my second (unplanned) trip to Publix. I asked for a raincheck for the original and they looked at me all weird. Have you had this experience and is it something I should be in a tizzy about?

  5. I know, is that not crazy? There are days I'm out that I WON'T eat because I don't want to spend $2.14 at McDonalds when I just spent less than that for a cartload of groceries.

    The first time FL had triples and my husband was going with me, he had to be fed, and it cost the two of us about $10.00 to eat. I was like, I could have made like 4 or 5 shopping trips for that much.

    I need a friend in Florida. I have a sister there, but I guess she's not talking to me.

  6. Men. Mine continues to buy beer. Full price. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh- I say, let ME buy it with overage! I HATE when he does that!!

  7. Anon- I haven't shopped at the Hermitage store. I've heard good things about that store though. :) I am pretty sure there aren't rainchecks on penny items- they should substitute something else if they run out of the corporate suggested item. A lot of times if I go in late on Sunday and they're out, it's a bag of candy or something random. If hey ran out of waters, they should have had some other item offered as the penny item.

  8. We got Fantastik with Oxy Power as our Penny item last week. I'd rather had the water.