Sunday, September 27, 2009

walgreens, take two.

I went out in search of the rumored clearance Cottonelle or Charmin, but no such luck. I found the Cottonelle at the first store, tons of it, but it's only 25%, not 75% yet. So I'll have to keep checking in on that one.

I didn't want it to be a total waste and the second store had the Robitussin, so I did...

(starting with $44.00rr's)
2 Robitussin to Go
1 Mt Dew
1 water
5 seed packs
1 Vaseline sheer infusions
Total oop: $2.15
Total saved: $19.05

Total rr's left: $43.00

oh, and I discovered that my $3rr didn't print for my toothbrush, so I will have to either re-ring it later this week, or have catalina send me a cat for it.

Total rr's owed to me: $3.00


  1. I had problems with some of my Oral-B's not printing last week. I had the right ones but there would be a size difference like between Full or Regular or Compact. The wrong one rang up a different price than the sale price.
    Both times the Managers gave me a full refund and I re-bought them, getting the right one, and it printed my RR then.
    That would easier than waiting several weeks for the Cat to be sent in the mail, if you could do that.

  2. Mel- me too- I read on HCW that this was for all Oral-B's. But supposedly they have it fixed now. I'll just take it in and have them redo the transaction. Love them. *heart*

  3. I didn't get the Oral B RR either...I technically don't think this is how they should've handled it, bu the manager grabbed a chapstick and rung it up as if I'd bought it to get me the $3 RR cause she knew that the Oral B was having probs. Not sure that's fair when Chapstick will have to pay for that RR, but I'm sure there will be a Chapstick RR or two out there that goes unredeemed!