Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target and Publix

I went to make my second Publix trip this week and had to see if the good Target got another Chef Michaels shipment in. They did! :)

Publix first, and a great trip. I also ran into Stacey while there! Hi Stacey! It was great meeting you IRL. :) I hope you enjoyed shopping at MF as much as I do. :)
I was chatting with the store manager right before I finished gathering my items and they got backed up at the register, so he jumped on a register. I got my bagels, and then got in his line. :) He started my first transaction, I handed him my stack of q's and he said "awesome". No. He's awesome! He entered the first 20 or so coupons, and then one of the CS associates came and took over. A great day, and I left feeling really good about Publix. (not that I ever really don't, but it was a good feeling).

Transaction 1
10 Lender's Bagels $1.79 bogo
-$.75/1 Publixq = $.29/2
20 Green Giant frozen veggies $1.00/ea
-$.50/1 mq, $.50/2 mq = $6.00
10 Progresso soup $1.25/ea
-$.25/1, $.50/2 = $7.50
6 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.45/ea
-$1/1 wyb Progresso Pxq + $.50/2 mq= -$.30
4 Pillsbury biscuits $1.49/ea
-$1/1 wyb Progresso Pxq + $.50/2 mq= -$.04
15 Planters Trail Mix $1.99 bogo
-$2/1 FLip = -$1/ ea
2 TGIFridays Apps $3.29 bogo
-$1/1 mq (peelie) + $2/2 Pxq = -$71/2
1 Dominos Sugar $1.99
-$2/1 mq (home mailer) = Free
6 Downy balls $1.39/ea
-$1/1 Pxq + $1/1 mq (home mailer) = -$.61/ea
2 Bounty Paper Towels $1.99/ea
-Free Pxq + $.25/1 mq = -$.50/ea
1 Jumbo pack huggies $10.99
-$2/1 mq (home mailer) = $8.99
1 6pk Yuengling $5.79
-no q's
-$10/$50 Comp.q (GFS, from home flyer- new one just opened near me!)
Total food tax: $.53
Total non-food tax: $4.07
Total oop: $2.04
Total saved: $159.61 (98.7%)

Transaction 2
4 Kelloggs Frosted mini-wheats $4.19 bogo
-$1/1 mq = $1.09/ea
2 Quaker Oatmeal $3.89 bogo
-$1/2 mq (from inside package) = $2.89/2
2Tropicana OJ $5.99/ea
-$1/1 mq (peelie) = $10.98
10 Planters Trail Mix $1.99 bogo
-$2/1 Flip= -$1/ea
1 8th Continent Soy Milk $1.25 (clearance)
-$2/1 mq= -$.75
4 TGIFridays apps $3.29/ea
-$1/1 mq (peelie) + $2/2 Pxq = -$.71/2
3 Sue Bee Honey $1.99/ea
-no q's
-$5/25 comp.q
Total food tax: $.70
Total non-food tax: $.92
Total oop: $4.62
Total saved: $76.70 (94%)

4 Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal $2.50 (price matched to Walgreens- it was limit 4)
-$1.50/1 mq, Free mq = $1/ea + Free
1 Honey Sunshine Kashi Cereal $2.88 (sale)
-$1.50/1 mq (wish she'd done the free one at THIS price) = $1.38
12 Chef Michaels dry dog food $4.26
-$3/1 mq + $1.50 Targetq = -$.24/ea
Total non-food tax: 3.06
Total food tax: $.61
Total oop: $5.17
Total saved: $73.31
**Unfortunately I have lost my gift card from last week's Fiber One deal. RATS! If I had used that, it would have been $.17, and earned $5 gc.
**Earned $5 gift card.


  1. I hate Publix today :-(

    On the other hand I had a dang good Target shop.

    Strange day!

  2. Wow.... wish i could do that... but i saved 52 dollars at publix payed 21 but only got 26 items..

  3. It was fun meeting you too! :o) I did pretty well, with my first neg total ever at Publix (before taxes!). The cashier didn't really know what he was doing but luckily CS was standing there packing my bags!

    I went back today to my regular store for lots of overage on A-1! I would've gone back to MF, but I'd already been that way once for HT triples!

  4. Brandy,
    I'm giving away some great Target coupons on my blog this weekend. You can get free Skintimate and Edge shave gels (full size). I'd love it if you'd enter, especially since I won free milk Qs on your blog a while back.


  5. Stacey- Awesome!! I wish I had more A1 q's - I only have 6. It is a great moneymaker this week- in fact, I think it's the only one. :( LOL - I wasn't sure about that cashier. I haven't been through his line before, but CS always knows what's up. I spotted the store mgr after I walked away form you and we talked for quite a bit, then I got in his line. LOL. I knew I would not have trouble from him! :D

    Margery- I definitely will! Headed there now. :) Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. hotmomma (loving the name btw)- $52 is nothing to sneeze at! Great job!!

  7. So, question... When you buy 20 of one thing do you have 20 coupons for them or just 1? And if 20, how do you get so many?

  8. Jared- I have 20 coupons. You have to have a coupon for each item. (Unless you're at walgreens, and they're scanning a Walgreens coupon- it multiplies by the number of items you have). If you're asking about the Food Lion printables or Target printables- you can print those as many times as you want. The other coupons I come about in many ways. I buy 4-6 papers per week. I visit the local recycle bin and pull inserts out, I have a deal with Food Lion's manager, and he allows me to pull out the inserts from Sunday's paper the following Saturday before they are picked up by the paper staff. I also will ocassionally purchase q's on EBay (if it's a moneymaker or something I really use a lot of). I also trade for multiples on hotcouponworld.


  9. Oh and other printables, we have two computers- so that's four prints, and I ask my relatives to print good q's for me. I have a few friends that ocassionally will print things for me too.

  10. Cool, we're just getting into it, still learning. We used to live in a town that only had WalMart and a local place so it's cool to be in a city where we have several different stores (like publix which is by far the favorite) and some take competitors coupons and do doubling. But we've gotten to the place where our savings rate has been about 45% which was better than before (just going to WalMart). I knew you could print off as many FL & target coupons as you want just didn't know if they'd let you use them all in one transaction like that. We always check your blog when we make our list though so we appreciate your ninja coupon skills.

  11. That's really great that you have such a good store...both at Publix and Food Lion. I didn't know they waited until Saturday to pick up Sunday's papers!

  12. Finally found me some Chef Michaels. Hit all of the Target stores in Birmingham, AL this weekend. Yahoo!!!

  13. woo-hoo! only...you don't have a dog? lol! I have thirteen coupons left. I think I bought around 40 bags. Pretty good odds I guess, only I am bummed about those thirteen bags I couldn't find.

  14. I don't have a dog but I stopped to get them for our garage sale in 2 weeks. I'll sell them for $2.50 a bag and will earn about $60. They sold like hotcakes at the last garage sale.

    You still have 4 days left to use those coupons. Hope you find some more.

  15. BTW, just wanted to make you aware (if you hadn't already heard) that the Publix stores in our area had a corporate meeting recently about the use of the coupons in the Green Advantage Flyer. The coupons now say, "limit one deal per coupon per customer" and the stores are now enforcing this. They are only allowing the use of one coupon from the flyer per item per day. Several of my friends have encountered this situation this week. They were all told by the managers that Publix corporate wanted them to enforce the wording on the coupons.

    Let's hope they change the wording for the coupons next month. :)

  16. The Target coupons don't expire until Saturday, but the mq's expired yesterday. :(

    Interesting about the coupons from the flyers. I think they should change the wording on there. It's silly.

  17. (although I am rarely able to even find the mm's lately, so it doesn't really matter to me. LOL)

  18. Brandy, it appears that all of the stores are imposing the same limit on the Target and Food Lion Q's. I put a call into Dave Fulmer to find out what is going on. I'll be posting on my blog as soon as he calls me back to find out what the change is. Just a heads up....

    Some people believe that this change is coming as a result of the use of the Planters FLIP a few weeks ago. I'm going to find out from the District Manager himself why the change has been made.

    I'll keep you posted.