Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Georgia Publix visit.

My husband knows the drill now.

It goes like this

Me: Honey, don't forget that your cousin's wedding is this weekend

Him: What are the plans? {he doesn't make plans. I make plans}

Me: We'll play it by ear but plan on programming the GPS for Publix and Target

Him: Ok, sounds good. Wait, what?

Me: You know. I need to find that Chef Michael's dog food, and I want to cruise for coupon books at Publix.

Him: *sigh*

So we went to a few Publix and Target stores. 5 or 6 of each. LOL. I only found 4 bags of the dog food, which was a bummer. I am going to have to really hope that the Target here will agree to special order 40 bags for me.

At any rate, I did score the Put Clean in Your Cart booklet. ! Woohoo! Not a wasted trip since that was the one I was hoping to find. (A booklet of Publix P&G coupons) At that same store I also found out they have an awesome coupon policy which I relayed to my cousin, and she was thrilled. (I was showing her the Publix coupon-ropes)


  1. Brandy, I have a couple of questions...
    1. Where in Georgia did you go? I live south of Atlanta and I'm always looking for coupon friendly stores. :)

    2. What size bags of the Chef Michael's dog food are you looking for? I was sent some coupons to use from a "house party" party that I hosted, but can't seem to find a good deal at Publix on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

    3. Where did you find the "Put Clean in Your Cart" booklet? I haven't been able to find any down here. Was there a stand or did you find it in the coupon holder? Thanks!!

  2. Bethany- The Chef Michaels smaller bag (4 lb I think?) is free at Target with their Target printable (possibly overage at some stores). The mq is $3/1 and the printable is $1.50/1. Tha bags are $4.49, and they are on sale for $4.26. If you can find it in stock.

    I was west of Atlanta, Acworth area- the store I found the Put Clean in Your Cart booklets was the same one with the great coupon policy. It is at the corner of Barret Pkwy and Dallas Hwy. I asked the CS guy, so, who do you consider competitors? He said, oh, any grocery store. I said, How about Target (they're right across the street). He smiled and nodded. I said, ok, what about Walgreens and Rite Aid? He said yep. I said so if I have a $5/25 Rite Aid coupon you'll take that, he said oh yeah. He said the only ones we don't take are percentage off coupons (like the 10% of Rite Aid one that was out recently).

    The booklet was on a huge stand in front of the frozen foods, across from the registers (this store has the frozen foods in the middle of the store).