Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coffee-Mate for Free

Keep an eye out for the Tiramisu and Hazelnut Biscotti flavored Coffee-Mate. It is $.99 right now (only those two flavors). There are $1/1 printables HERE and blinkies and insert q's from 8/9 RP for $1/2. Depending on which coupon you use, these will be free or $.49/ea.


  1. I have a question regarding the Adam's coupons. I just realized that I am sitting on a jackpot. I have 36 of the ones that do not say "excludes collars" and a bunch of the ones that do say it. I was at walmart today and realized that mine had 17 of the collars. Do you think it would work if I 'bought' all of them with my coupons (with other items to absorb the overage)? I've never used coupons at walmart so I have no clue. Thanks!!

  2. Bethany- Wal-Mart is a pain in the tushie when it comes to coupons. I seriously have to cashier-profile when I go there. Technically Wal-Mart doesn't do overage.

    Here's what happens to coupons at Wal-Mart.
    1) A coupon for the item will beep, alerting cashier "Item for coupon not here" or something like that. This happens often with trial size purcahses and coupons making them free. A good cashier will push it through. A sucky one will refuse your coupon.
    2) A coupon for an item will beep if the coupon barcode begins with "9". No reason. Just beep. Cashiere Should manually enter it, but some have been known to decline them for whatever reason pops into his/her head at the moment.
    3) (this is what happens with the Adams q's) When coupon is scanned, register beeps and says "Please verify coupon amount". A GOOD cashier will look at the coupon, verify the amount is $3, verify that it is a legit coupon, and press "yes", and move on. A bad cashier will freak out, not even look at what the register is asking and suddenly turn red and angry, saying they can't take your coupon. Then they'll say it's because the coupon is over the amount, even though the register didn't say that. It wanted to know if it was a legitimate coupon.

    Anyway! All that to say, I would not recommend going in and using all of them at once. I have been buying 3 or 4 here and there to buy things I need. (eggs, milk, beer -for DH- lol) So far I have used them 5 times with no trouble. Once I had trouble. I argued unsuccessfully with the cashier and then the Assistant whatever on duty. I think buying a whole slew of them might freak them out. (It's certainly not like Publix!)

    If you get a good cashier- I wouldn't hesitate to turn around and go get more of them and buy more stuff. LOL. You never know if they will take them the next time you go in!

  3. WOW! Thanks for the heads up! I had visions of me going in with all 36 coupons and walking out with Christmas morning!! :) I'll let you know what happens when I use them. Do you think you can use the "new" ones for the collars, even though they say 'no collars'? Just wondering since they are in the same sku family. Thanks!!!

  4. Lol- You never know! You might have an awesome WalMart. It has been known to happen. ;) As for the new ones...at mine I wouldn't even bother since it says no collars on it and it beeps. When it beeps it asks for the coupon to be verified- so that's the op for the cashier to check it and make sure it's ok.

    Please let me know what happens with yours!