Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upcoming Publix deals I am looking forward to; week of 9/2

This is a pretty slow week at Publix (thank goodness!! I need a slow week), but the few really good deals, are REALLY good deals!

Here's what I am looking at this week...

Kraft American Cheese Singles BOGO $2.69 (we're on our last pack from the last sale a few months ago!)
Use the $1/2 mq from 8/9 RP

Mrs Paul's Fish or Clams BOGO $4.49
Use $1/1 Publixq from Toss For Cash Booklet and $1.50 printable
= -$.25
or Use $1/1 Publixq from Toss For Cash Booklet and $3.00 printable
= -$1.75

Kraft Dressing BOGO $2.69
Use $1.50/1 mq printable (from CookingWithKraft.com, no longer available)
= -$.15

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.29
Use $.75/2 Target coupon and $.50/1 mq from KMart's "Total Savings $62" booklet (doubled)
= -$.17/ea

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix BOGO $1.65
Use $1/2 Toss For Cash Booklet
= $.65/2

and, of course, Charcoal is on sale again! LOL! (no current FLip unfortunately although I still have one raincheck left from the last sale)


  1. I too am grateful for a slow week! I am still recovering from my mad dash to use up my Sundown Q's on Friday night!!! :)

  2. is the $3 printable for the fish sticks specific to zip code?

  3. What zipcode did you use for the $1.50 Mrs. Pauls Q? I tried 30013 (which worked last time) but couldn't find any.

    I already printed the $3/1 to use last week. Bummer...I could've gotten overage. Oh well, at least they were free!

  4. I got my Food Lion e-mail this morning and there is a $3 off FLIP available... though I already have 12 bags... I think I have enough coupon sets to do this three more times...lol

  5. Jennifer- I think they reset the fish, I used zip 30013 as well. I was able to print two more, but I don't see them now, so I don't know if they're gone altogether or not. I used my other ones last week and I was pretty bummed about it too.

    Drenn- Cool! I'll have to check my email to see if I got one. I haven't been online much today.

  6. The $3/1 FLIP is actually a manufacturer's coupon :(

  7. Drenn- I just went to FL's site, and that Kingsford coupon is a manufacturer's coupon, so no stacking it with another mq. bummer.

  8. When you go to Southern Savers she says that the Kingsford is a Mfg Q, but when you click on the pdf, it says "Store Coupon". How can you tell which one it is???

  9. Slow week for me too, but that's good after this past week. My shelves overfloweth, lol.

    I'm interested in Popsicle Fudgsicles - even though I have no room in my freezers...was interested in the Mrs. Pauls but neither can I find the coupons again either.

    There's a FLip for $2.00 off Beef or Chicken wyb (2) Lawry's, so I might look at getting some packages of ground beef for the cheap cost of a couple bottles of Lawry's. We go through alot of ground beef.

    Maybe some of the General Mills cereals if they have any good kinds on sale.
    And some cake mixes. I only found 5 of those Toss the Cash booklets.

    Still have a few or couple Crest Q's left, guess I'll use those for my overage.

    Overage looks bad for me this month. They were already mostly out of Revlon tools when I was in the other day. I got the last two that made any overage; toenail clips and tweezers.
    I only saw one vitamins that make overage, and it was only a penny, which wasn't really worth messing with.

    It was just weird because last month when I was looking for Sundown vitamins, I kept picking up cheaper NM. Now there aren't any cheaper.

  10. Jennifer- it says store coupon at the top, but it has a scannable barcode beginning with a "5" and if you look at the wording on the coupon, it has a place the coupon can be mailed to for reimbursement- this makes it a manuq. Any store coupons will generally only be able to be scanned and used at that store- or will be manually entered like the LU #s at Publix. They will also not have an address to submit a coupon to as they are not reimbursed by a manufacturer, but really a store-offered discount in the form of a coupon.

    Melissa- That Crest is a good one for overage, I don't have any more Publix q's though. :( I thought I had one, but I can't find it.

    Isn't that funny about the vitamins? I could never find Vit D (for four weeks) but now my store has them on adv.buy for $2!! ACK!

  11. Hey, I picked up some $62 in savings booklets at Kmart today. Thanks for the tip!