Monday, February 1, 2010

Walgreens deals!

I made it to Wags yesterday, with the help of my lovely husband who was enlisted to drive me (sine we had that horrid snowstorm) and watch the kids. He also got to do the Meter transactions while I got the rest of the items so it would not take as long. Lucky him. ;)

We did 17 transactions, 8 for the monitors and 9 for the other items. I also have a special order in for Joint Juice b/c he loves it- it works really well and he had knee surgery in the past, so this is very beneficial to him. Here's how we did

(started with some rr's- not sure how many...maybe about $80?)
8 Accu-check monitors
3 Joint Juice
1 Blink Tears
2 VitaminWater Lip care
4 Lypsyl Lip
1 water
6 Red Baron pizzas
8 Sweethearts candies (I LOVE these things!)
6 newspapers
3 mini sticker books
1 bubbles
1 Thermacare back
1 Advil
7 12pk Mt Dew
Total tax: $20.85
Total oop: $22.61

Will submit for Lyspyl rebate: $8 MIR back

RR's left: $87


  1. Are the Red Barons on sale this week? Any RR wyb them?

  2. Yes, they're on sale 2/$5! We love these pizzas, and this is cheap for them (no rr's though). Unfortunately when I got home, I found a $1/2 coupon in this week's paper! Rats! I could have saved an extra $3. I might have to go buy more. lol.

  3. Can you give any advice about getting a manager to special order for you? I am new to walgreens couponing (not new to couponing) and I called and spoke to a managaer and requested a special order. She told me all RR products are strictly on a first come first serve and that she has no way to order more of RR producing items.

    You seem to be really good at calculating scenerios, I'm still frazuled by it! When I go to the store and they are out of what I need on my grand plan, I just walk out.

    Please help!

  4. Liz- sounds like you got a "bad" manager. Those are rampant at Wags. (Firstly, she's lying, they can order as many of an item as they want, sounds like she doesn't want to deal with the multiple transactions). I would try another store. What I did was, after shopping at a store for a while, and they started to recognize me as a regular, went to a manager (turned out to be the store manager, but I didn't know that at the time lol) and asked if I could place an order of a product for the following week. I did NOT say it was an rr item. I just said, I was hoping you could order 20 of the Contour monitors for me, I can get them next week.
    I wouldn't mention it's a sale, or an rr deal. Then when you pick them up, just start ringing them up one at a time at the cosmetics counter.

    As far as scenarios, I've been doing this for nearly two years, so it starts to come more naturally. I still make mistakes and when something is out it throws me for a loop- especially at CVS! I don't know why, I have a more difficult time at CVS than Wags.

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  6. Oh, and I would ask your store when they get their trucks. My store gets its truck on Tuesdays, and they have to place their order by 10am on Saturday, if that gives you an idea.

  7. If Nature Bounty (or anything) is BOGO at Wags, how does that ring up, and how does it work as far as using 2 coupons on them? I'm thinking I can use two coupons, but not for more than the one bottle costs, unlike RA?

    BTW, NB will be BOGO later this month, the 27th?
    There's a printable sheet of Wags coupons with $1.00 off NBs, so maybe $2.00 overage?

  8. Melissa, the bogos at Wags ring up wonky. You never know if they're going to ring up $4.99/$0 or $2.49/$2.50 or some other bizarre thing. The register will beep once you get to the value of the items, but my store will push the q's through (love them!) since they're legit. I am not sure how much the Vit D is at Wags, but if it's cheap like everywhere else, that will give you $2 overage on the two bottles for sure. They're also bogo this week!

  9. My store is pretty good about most things, but beeping coupons isn't generally one of them :-(
    I can but try, and if it don't work, then at least I should be able to get free/cheap vitamins w/ up to $2.00 overage. If I get 4 bottles, I should be able to get $4.00 overage, I think.

    I guess I didn't pay attention to them being BOGO anywhere else this week because I'm concentrating on Rite Aid, and the gift card scr. But after this week I'll need to find my milk & bread overage elsewhere, lol.

  10. Thanks for the tip on the Red Baron. I went last night and got 10 using my RR! My DH LOVES that kind!!! I threw in another Pepsi deal, the Blink tears & Zycam to "replenish" the RR I was spending. :)

    I did have an issue with the cashier (who I ALWAYS have issues with) on using my RR & the in-ad Q for the tumblers. She said they "couldn't use the in-ad Q b/c I had used too many other coupons." I knew she was wrong, so she voided 2 of my RR, scanned the ad Q & then was able to use the 2 RR. Can you tell me when you hand over the RR in your transaction? I normally do my transactions like this:
    1) Mfg Q (non-RR)
    2) RR
    3) Wags Q
    4) In-ad Q

  11. My store insists on doing them in this order:
    Wagsq or in-adq's
    then rr's last

    Since a rr is a mq (technically) and is like any other mq in that the store gets reimbursed full face value there's no reason why you can't use it on anything in the store. Along with in-ad q's or any other wags q.

  12. Also, since my rr are like cash, I "pay" with them at the end after all my store coupons and mq's.