Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Rite Aid and Walgreens trips

I made my weekly morning trip to Walgreens for my papers and other items, and I had to go to Rite Aid for a free make-up moneymaker (I'm donating it to THIS organization...I don't even wear make-up!).

Did pretty good!

16 transactions- started with $84 in rr's
8 newspapers
2 Cryostat Hemmorhoid relief
5 Super Poligrip
3 Epsom Salts
1 Joint Juice powder packs
1 Joint Juice cans
1 20oz Mt Dew
pencils- fillers
7 Dove Body Wash for Men
1 Disney Valentine activity book - fill
8 boxes of Nabisco crackers- clearance and $.99/ea sale
1 Post Honey Bunches- Just Bunches
2 Huggies
Total tax: $11.14
Total oop: $14.46
Total rr's left: $78.00

Rite Aid
5 transactions, broken down so I could use 5 $5/20 coupons. All in all I got
7 Nivea body washes
8 Covergirl Mascara
2 Covergirl blush
2 Covergirl Eyeliner
2 Covergirl powder
2 Covergirl aquasmoothers
3 Carefree pantiliners
Total tax: $9.60
Total oop: $13.94 (-$1.96 from gift card) = $11.98 cash
Earned: $35 Visa card (for P&G), $5 Rite Aid card (Nivea)

=$28.02 profit


  1. What do you do with eight mascaras? Don't they expire! That is great savings, but I am having a hard time with what to stockup on and what to just let go. Can you donate makeup?

  2. I actually don't even wear makeup, but several friends and family members wear Covergirl so I am giving them some and the rest will be donated to this organization:
    Lots of these sorts of organizations (abused women's centers and such)love donations of make-up