Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deals today!

I stayed up late last night making my list and this morning headed out the door at 9am with my four year-old in tow.

First, we hit Walgreens. I was lucky to have gotten papers from my friend in Atlanta the week the Nivea Lip bogo mq was in - so I had some of those to get some great overage! I also had a "free" Huggies diapers coupon I got for complaining about some dipes we bought that the tabs kept ripping off, so I used that to get the rr back. I had three transactions and also got papers.

1 Huggies 8.99
-$Free mq (from complaining)
-$1/1 Huggies from Wags Children's Activity booklet
1 Caramel
2 Kotex pads $2.99/ea
-$2/2 mq ip
8 Nivea Lip care $3.99/ea
-$bogo mqs @ 3.99/ea x4 =15.96
-$.50/1 mq (found at KMart) x4 = $2
-Wags in-adq ($.99/ea, subtracting $3/ea) = $24
2 Children's Tylenol $4.99/ea
-$3/2 mq
-$1/1 Walgreens Children's Activity booklet q x2 = $2
3 Lady Speedstick $1.99
-$1/1 mq
3 Colgate Total $2.99
-$1.50/1 mq
6 Starbucks fraps $2.19/ea
-Wags in-adq ($1.25/ea, subtracting $.94/ea) =$5.64
-$1/1 ip x6 = $6
4 Purex $5.99 bogo
-2 bogo mqs
1 Post Shredded Wheat $1
-$2/1 ip
1 Sunkist gummies (clearance) $.65
1 Walgreens bar antibacterial soap $.79
- Wags in-adq ($1/3, subtracting $.45)
5 Sunday papers $1.50/ea

Also used $14 rr to pay.

Total tax: $6.40
Total oop: $7.14
Total saved: $134.94 or 94.7%

Then I went to Target and couldn't find a single deal I was looking for. :( Will have to go to one in Nashville this week.

I used the rest of my Breakstones coupons for Cottage Cheese doublers.

14 Breakstones Cottage Cheese doublers $1/ea
-$1/1 mq
Total tax: $.96
Total oop: $.96
Total saved: $14.00 or 93.1%

Rite Aid
I HAD to go to Rite Aid today to try out the Carefree Ultra deal. I am considering going to the other Rite Aid in a little while to get some more. I was able to get $1.01 overage per pack just using the VV coupon! It expires today though.
I did four transactions so I could use four $5/20 coupons and got:

13 Carefree Ultra pantiliners $.99/ea
-$2/1 RA VV coupon
1 20 oz Mt Dew $1.49
1 Newcastle 6pack
2 Nature's Bounty $5.49/ea bogo
2 Nature's Bounty $4.99/ea bogo
-$5/1 x1 Nature's Bounty mq
-$2/1 x3 Nature's Bounty mq
-$1/1 x4 Nature's Bounty RAVV coupon
2 Anti Monkey Butt Powder $3.99/ea
1 Reeses pnut butter cup $.88
2 Nature's Bounty $7.49/ea bogo
-$3/1 x1 Nature's Bounty mq
-$1/1 x2 Nature's Bounty RAVV coupon
1 Abolene cream $7.99
1 Bottled water $.99
1 Suave kids shampoo $1.99
4 Nature's Bounty $4.99/ea bogo
-$3/1 x4 Nature's Bounty mq
-$1/1 x4 Nature's Bounty RAVV coupon
1 Stacy's Pita Chips $3.00
-free coupon from Facebook
1 Listerine Pocket Pack $3.99
1 Efferdent tablets $5.99
2 Nature's Bounty $6.99/ea bogo
-$2/1 x2 Nature's Bounty mq
-$1/1 x2 Nature's Bounty RAVV coupon

Total tax: $6.29
Total oop: $5.11
Total savings: $174.72 or 97.1%
~Then earned:
$3 SCR Anti Monkey Butt x2
$7 SCR Abolene
$1 SCR Suave
$3 SCR Listerine Pocket Pack
$5 SCR Efferdent
= $22
And $12.87 toward J&J SCR
$34.94 toward Healthy Heart SCR


  1. Joo get the $6.00 Flex-A-Min coupon last week? They are BOGO again. One store had the bottles for $13.99, the other was $14.99. There's $1.00 Video Value coupons, for a total of $14.00 off. And $14.99 towards Heart Healthy.

    Even if you only got the $5.00 MQs, if you buy two Flex-a-min and one of the .99 after SCR items this week, and use the $5/$20, I think you can still make a profit on the SCR, and then of course the $25.00 Gift Card wyb $50.00 worth for the Heart Healthy.

  2. oh AWESOME! Thanks! I didn't think to see if those were included this time. And yep- we DID get the $6/1! I think they're $14.99 here cheapest I've seen- still great to get you to the $50 threshold!