Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kroger Mega sale Week of 1.31.10, Louisville/Nashville region

So basically the same sale this week. Sundown Vitamins are no longer bogo (unfortunately) and I did not check on oikos, but everything else I saw was the same.

A few items of note that I did not have/see listed last week:

Mega items that are also MM's!
La Victoria Salsa, 16oz, : $1.99; $1.49 after Mega
-$4/2 ip
=-$1.02/2 after mega

If you go HERE you can sign up for the La Victoria rewards program, where you enter codes to get coupons. If you enter enough codes, you can print a $4/2 coupon, making these a moneymaker. In addition, I was able to print the coupons 6 times per computer!! For some starter codes, you can go HERE. (In the area where it asks where item was purchased, choose "No Purchase" allowing you to enter the freebie codes listed on the blog)

Sobe LifeWater $.99; $.49 after mega
-$bogo mq ip HERE {when scanned, the register automatically deducts $1.59, regular selling price, for the "free" amount}
=-$.61/2 after mega

Hormel Chili Master Chili $1.34; $.84 after mega (this regularly sells for $3.49/can!!)
-$50/1 mq 1.24.10 SS
=-$.16 after mega (and doubles)

Also, if you haven't used your $5/5 Healthy Choice ecoupon, use it this week! The Healthy Choice meals are on sale for $1.88. :)

I finally made it to Kroger today, bummed that I missed out on the Sundown bogo but the snowstorm kept me away. Anyway, did pretty good. I had planned to use the Sundown for a little overage and some Nature's Bounty for overage, but I forgot the NB q's. oh well. I also was able to use almost all of the rest of a gift card we got as a "holiday bonus" from Doug's company. A $20 gift card to Kroger. I did miscount and bought 81 items, instead of 80, so I might return one of the boxes of Electrasol. Haven't decided.

Here's what I got (prices listed are after mega discount)
8 Electrasol Finish $2.49
-$2.50/1 mq
5 Healthy Choice Meals $1.88
-$5/5 ecoupon (oddly, this came off after the first meal was scanned, so I wonder if I had only bought one if it would have come off?? hmm)
-$1/2 mq ip (x2)
3 Mission 8" tortillas $1.49
-$1/1 mq ip
8 Sobe Lifewater $.49
-bogo mq ip
12 LaVictoria Salsa $1.49
-$4/2 mq ip
3 Yakisoba $1.00
-$.50/1 mq
9 Hormel Chili Masters $.84
-$.50/1 mq
1 Disney Princess Spaghetti-os $1.09
-no q's (my 4 year old all but BEGGED)
30 Hunt's Tomatoes $.50
-$.45/3 mq
11 Rotel $.50
-$.30/1 mq
Total tax: $6.73
Total oop: $11.46
Total saved: 189.58

The guy behind me in line saw my 30 cans of tomatoes and said, so, making some chili? LOL. Luckily my grandfather eats canned-stewed tomatoes with dinner every night, so I stocked them up for a while. (Hey, he's 87 years old, so maybe those tomatoes are doing something!)


  1. Wowee! Thanks for the La Victoria tip! I just made one last Mega deals trip today. My favorite Kroger didn't carry La Victoria, but I found them at another store. I couldn't believe they even had the green salsa, our favorite and usually very pricey. 30 items, $80 value, for $3!

  2. YAY!! You're welcome! We go through a TON of salsa, so I was THRILLED to see this deal!! :)(plus, as a mm! wow. can't beat it!)