Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Kroger deals, week of 2/7

Hmmmm, I'm noticing a trend. Hardly any good Publix deals lately, but I'm finding myself shopping at Kroger more and more.

This week is another Mega sale. The deal this week is, buy 10 participating items and get $3 off, so, essentially, $.30 off each item.

Some included items:
Purex @ 2.19 (after mega)
-$.35/1 mq 1.10.10 RP
~So this isn't a GREAT deal, BUT! When you buy two, you get a $4 catalina good on your next order! So, buy ten items, two of them Purex, and get a $4 cat. Profit of $.61/ea
ETA: Just so you know, this cat deal is actually, $4 wyb 2 or $5 wyb 3. This is a bit silly - you get a better deal by only buying two at a time! (Buy more, save less?? hmmm). So only buy two at a time for the best deal :)

Pillsbury Grands (canned) $.69
-$.30/2 ip HERE or HERE
~Another catalina deal with Pillsbury. Get a $2cat wyb 4, $3 wyb 5 or $4 wyb 6!

Chef Boyardee Micriwaveable bowls (if included) $.70
-$.40/1 1.10.10 SS
=$.10 overage each

Gatorade 32 oz $.69
-$.50/1 1.10.10 RP
(makes me wish I had more of the coupons)

Campbell's Chunky Soup $1.29
-$.50/2 2.7.10 SS or 1.3.10 SS
=$.80/ea wyb 2
~Decent price if you need items to get up to ten for your free Purex! :)

Here's a scenario for you (if you have a bunch of gatorade q's, swap those for some of these items, or get ten of those, in addition to these items to bring your oop down!)
2 Purex $2.49/ea
6 Pillsbury Grands $.99/ea
2 Chef Boyardee bowls $1.00/ea

(Mega discount) $3.00
2x -$.35/1 Purex (doubled)
3x $.30/2 Pillsbury (doubled)
2x $.40/1 Chef Boyardee (doubled)

Total oop: $5.12 + tax
Earn $4cat for Pillsbury, $4cat for Purex

And of course you can roll the cats, so you can turn around and do an identical transaction, adding one of the cats to your coupons you're using, paying oop of $1.12 and getting two more cats back!


  1. Thank I think i will try this today :).

  2. I was totally excited about the $4 catalina! I bought this on Monday and was thrilled! I went back yesterday to buy more and got a $5 catalina (when you buy 3 or more you get a $5).

  3. Candi- I meant to mention that! I'll add it to the op. Keep in mind though that it works out better to only buy two at a time! :)
    Buy 2, get $4, so that's $2 back each.
    Buy 3, get $5, so that's $1.66 back each.

  4. Capri Suns are also part of the Mega Event. I know it's not a "great" deal, but there are $1/2 IP (don't remember where). And, Capri Suns are part of the Nabisco "Back to School" rebate (buy 10 cookies/crackers, 5 drinks & 5 Easy Mac & get $20 rebate). My kids bring their lunch to school most days, so these work well for us, plus it's a requirement to get my $20 rebate!

  5. I did that deal now do I have to use the $4+$4=$8 on the same thing or can i use it on any thing??

  6. Did you hear that HT is doing Super Doubles starting Wednesday? If Kroger participates, I bet there would be more MM scenarios?

  7. I just heard this- I won't hold my breath since they didn't participate last time :( but I will get a few things together. There is a new $1/2 printable for the Pillsbury Grands, that would be super for this mega deal, and if it was doubled, they'd be free plus overage!

  8. Crystal, those $4 catalinas are good toward anything in the store!! :)

  9. (well, anything that's not excluded- I think tobacco and some other things are listed on there) but anything else! :)