Saturday, February 6, 2010

A special Kroger survey

Somehow I was invited to join a special "consumer Panel" through Kroger. I suspect a lot of people got these invitations, but I'm not sure.
I went to fill out the survey, and here was my favorite question (paraphrased, I don't remember exactly word for word):

How many coupons do you use on your average shopping trip?
*A large amount (more than 6 coupons)
*A moderate amount (3-5 coupons)
*A small amount (1-2 coupons)
*I do not use coupons


Wow. Are they out of touch. 6 coupons is a large amount??I guess my coupon use must be "glacial". heh.


  1. I got the same thing! Those were some crazy questions!

  2. I have had this survey and also laughed at the 6 coupons being considered a large amount. No wonder they cringe when we show up with a pile!:)

  3. That's funny. But not really. Kroger is really coupon-stupid. I had a CS lady tell me last week they wouldn't get reimbursed for the Manufacturer coupons with the Target logo on them.

  4. 6 coupons??!!! Seriously??? These questions were obviously written by someone at a desk that doesn't have a CLUE! LOL!