Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick, RUN! to Kroger

Here's a new deal to add to the current Mega sale at Kroger. This sale will likely end tomorrow, so get ye to Kroger tomorrow!

First, go to Publix and browse the canned meats, look for the blinkies. There's a new blinkie machine out with a $1/1 Hormel Chili Masters Chili. These are $.84 after mega-discount at Kroger! This is a gain of $.16/ea after coupon. We don't eat meat, but these look pretty good. Especially the White Chicken one. I bought a bunch for family members, they were Thrilled. These babies sell for $3.29-$3.49 at Publix and regular priced at Kroger!!
Kroger does not have this blinkie, and I haven't been anywhere else, but you might find it at Food Lion. I will look tomorrow.


  1. I bought 4 of these at Kroger for the overage but that was all the coupons I had. And my husband likes them and asked for more. So thanks for the tip! If I can find some blinkies, one last trip to Kroger. I find the mega sales exhausting!

  2. I was stoked to find these blinkies! Usually when you see the little $1.00 on the bottom sticking out, you pull it, and it's $1.00/2 or $1.00/3. This one was off one! Unfortunately it was a SLOW blinkie so I stood there forever to get a few, I browsed past that aisle several times to snag a few more. lol.
    I have to go again tomorrow in hopes of a restock of the La Vidtoria salsa, so *fingers crossed* they have that and I can use my last chili blinkie, Sobe ip, and French's q's. :D

    At least I don't have to drive an hour to get to Kroger. That is a definite plus for me.

  3. The one Kroger I shopped last week only had the jars for $2.99 after Mega.
    The store I shopped tonight had the cans for $2.99 after Mega.
    Yikes! No Chili Masters for me.

  4. Melissa- sorry! That must have been a Louisville/Nashville region deal. That rarely happens! Usually you guys get the better deal!