Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why it pays to coupon

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but today I was running all over town and decided to price check an item.

Here's the deal, I thought I would see how much Purex detergent was at each store. If I was a shopper that just bought what I needed at whatever store I was at, without bothering to look for deals, I would be wasting a lot of money.

@ Kroger: Purex detergent $4.12
@ Target: Purex detergent $4.99
@ Wal-Mart: Purex detergent $4.49

If I just needed detergent, saw my bogo coupon from last week, I might grab two bottles while out doing my other shopping. I would pay the above price for two bottles with one bogo coupon.

But, if I were me :) I would go to Walgreens. Purex is $5.99 and it is bogo all month long! So I pay nothing for two bottles.


  1. Check the expiration on your Purex BOGO coupon. If they're the same as mine, you only have this week to use them up.
    Crazy short expiry date!

  2. you're right- and my store only had 5 bottles today. CRAP! They get their truck on Tuesday so I can't even order them before the q's expire. I am going to have a chat with the SM tomorrow and BEG him to order them and let me use the q's on next Tuesday when they come in (they'll be three days expired, but that's no biggie, they'll still get reimbursed.)
    *fingers crossed*

    I really need the free and clear kind, but they don't carry it.