Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21 Deals around town

Ok so there's not a lot of great deals this week, well, anywhere, so I'm listing everything I see in one post.

I found two new booklets/flyers at Publix this week- one says Healthy Kids on the front and the other is a P&G flyer. Both are all Publix coupons. In the Healthy Kids booklet are a couple of coupons that might be good deals, a $.35/1 Birdseye frozen veggies and a $bogo Frusion coupon. The flyer of P&G coupons I found on a cardboard display near pharmacy and had a $.55/1 Publix coupon for Puffs. This will come in handy for your Nyquil deal.

Also, Ruffies trash bags are $2.19 (small pack) and there is a $1/1 Publix q in the yellow adv. buy flyer. Stack that with a $.50/1 mq (regional, I bought mine on ebay) for $.19 for a pack of trash bags. I can never find good deals on trash bags, so this is a decent deal.

I am please to report that the Excedrin menstrual is indeed included in the 2/$5 sale this week. there is a monthly rr deal for this product, get a $2rr wyb 1. So, Buy one for $2.50, use the $2/1 ip from HERE to pay $.50 oop and get a $2rr back!
Sadly this is the ONLY deal at Wags this week. I had to roll my rr's into more joint juice and spend the rest on papers.

Rite Aid
The only thing I see is a deal on J&J Baby, IF your store is coupon friendly and will allow you to use multiple VV coupons at once.
J&J Baby items are Buy one, get one for a penny and are priced at $4.49. So you pay $4.50 for two.
Use the $1/1 VV coupon and one of the myriad J&J coupons $1/1, $2/2 etc. Buy ten.

10 J&J Baby = $22.50
$2.50 of filler stuff

-$5/20 VV coupon
-$1/1 VV coupon x10
-$1/1 mq x10
= $0 oop


  1. Where do you find the Nyquil for "the deal"? I looked in the travel section & on the shelf by other Nyquils today & couldn't find it in either section. :(

  2. Jennifer the stores I've been in have them in the travel section- usually on an endcap.