Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food Lion pet deals

There are a few deals on pet items at Food Lion right now with the $2/5 FLip.

A few items to note regarding Food Lion.
1. When you use FLips like a $2/5, your $5 qualifying is $5 BEFORE you scan your MVP card, so if there's a sale on an item, the regular sale price is the value that counts for the $5.
2. BOGO coupons are recognized by the register and automatically tell the cashier to enter the regular retail price. So if an item is on sale and you have a BOGO coupon, the regular retail price will be the "free" value, giving you more than free on one item.

Here's a deal I did yesterday

1 bag Chef Michael's dry food $3.99
2 Cesar's entrees $.70 sale (regular $.89)/ea
1 Eggnog flavor Coffee-Mate $1.50 sale ($2 regular)
Total pre-sale: $7.77

-MVP sale: $.88
$2/5 pet FLip
BOGO Cesars mq =$.89
$2/1 Chef Michael's
$1/1 Coffeemate FLip
$1/1 Coffeemate mq ip (no longer available)

paid: tax only!

Also look for deals using Dentastix with $2/1 mq and Might Dog with the bogo mq (we didn't get that one here)

I also did this

2 Dentastix 2/$6

-$2/1 Dentastix x2
-$2/5 FLip

=$0 - paid tax only!


  1. My Cesar's Q is B2G1...if I use it with a BOGO sale, do I buy one, get one free from the sale, and get another one free with the coupon?

  2. Wait, the Cesar's isn't on BOGO sale to start with, is it? I got confused.

    Mighty Dog?

  3. The store sale on Cesar's here is just $.70/ea (5/$3 or something???) from $.89/ea. That was last week.

    However...If the store sale is B2G1, then you buy six and use three bogo q's, that should work.

    I am not sure how much the Mighty Dog is b/c we didn't get the bogo q, but it is on sale. The q's are bogo, but the sale is just a sale off the total value. kwim?