Thursday, February 11, 2010

Publix mm deals

Publix sales lately have been severely lacking (in my humble opinion), and we know the Green Adv Buy flyer has no deals in it this month, so here are the mm's I've found (admittedly few and far between!) Please share if you've run across any others!

This week only:
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.99 bogo
-$2/1 mq 1.3.10 SS {Believe it or not, this extremely high value q was found in the Nashville region...only as far as I can tell!!}

Birdseye Steamfresh veggies $1.79-$2.39 50% off
-$.50/1 mq 2.7.10 SS
=-$.21- $.20/ea depending on price
~ Check to see if the regular veggies are included this time around, and not just steamfresh varieties- if so, look for the frozen chopped spinach if you need overage! It's notorious for being super-cheap (around a dollar normally, so fifty cents after 50%off discount), and then with the 50% off, decent overage.

Current, until q's expire...
Rolaids 3pk $1.50 (I found these on clearance for $.75/ea!)
-$4/2 mq 1.3.10 RP
=-$1 wyb 2

Knox Gelatin $1.39
-$4/1 mq 1.24.10 RP

Thai Kitchen Ginger Noodles $.69- $.79
-$1/1 mq HERE (enter zipcode 44301)
=-$.21- -$.31 depensing on price

Mahatma rice small packs $.79
-$.50/1 mq 2.7.10 RP

Mahatma Valencia Rice $.89 (great for risotto!)
-$.50/1 mq 2.7.10 RP

Yakisoba $.79
-$.50/1 mq 1.31.10 SS

If your store accepts Whole Foods coupons:
Oikos yogurt (prices vary)
-$1/1 mq 1.3.10 SS
-$1/1 Whole Foods q HERE
= overage of about $.30-$.70 depending on price


  1. Travel Band-Aids $.79
    - $1/1 mq 01-03-10 RP
    - $1/1 blinkie
    = -$.21

    Pedialyte $4.99-$5.99
    - B1G1 Q printable
    - $1.50/1 mq
    - $3/2 liters or $3/1 stick packs Publix Q
    = -$1.51-2.51 for the stick packs (or $.25-$.75 ea. for the liters)

  2. At my store, the Mahatma rice was $1.19.

  3. Kel- thanks for those! I wish MF would start carrying those band-aid packs again. :(

    Claire- I wasn't sure what the cheapest pack was- thanks for the update! Still super-cheap for rice. (We eat a lot of it!) :)

  4. I went to my Publix today. The store manager rang me up. He kindly informed me that the $4/1 Knox coupon cannot be applied to the Knox Gelatin. I showed him that it stated "any Knox product." He then showed me the fine print which states, "This coupon is good only on the purchase of products indicated." He took this to mean the items in the picture. What are your thoughts on this?

  5. T- As couponers, we must go by the wording on the coupon. The wording always trumps the photo. In this case, when it says "Products indicated" the "indicated products" are "any knox products". A coupon very very rarely has images of every product listed on it. (Think "Bayer Aspirin", how many varieties/sizes, etc are available? Can they possibly picture them all?).

    But in addition, on this particular coupon, several people have contacted Knox, asking about the wording and image. Knox has verified that this coupon is indeed good "on any Knox product" and can be used on the gelatin. In fact, this exact coupon came out about 7-9 months ago and all sorts of people said, oh, the manufacturer is going to realize this mistake and not do that again! But they did do it again, so obviously they know about it.

    Of course they also say they can't force retailers to accept the coupon. . . so YMMV, as always with overage.


  6. Chapstick Medicated $1.49
    -$1/1 any Chapstick product
, Green Advantage flyer (use 2 of these if your store allows) exp. 2/26
    -$.50/2 Chapstick Medicated – 12-13-09 RP
    = -$0.01 each WYB 2

  7. Are the B1G1 Pedialyte Q still out there?

  8. Jennifer, here you go (next time you can just do a google search for it):

  9. Brandy, the "Knox $4/1 any product" Q came out almost exactly a year ago. Jason and I have been discussing the strategy for reissuing this coupon again. Jason speculates (with a strong emphasis on "speculates)" that the executives are trying to boost their numbers for this quarter. He thinks it may have something to do with their earnings statements for this time of year. I'm not sure if you knew that Jason was a CPA but he said that sometimes a company has to boost their profits so that they look good on paper or because they want to hit a certain target. Now, this may/may not be what they are doing by reissuing this coupon but it is an interesting theory. Jason used to audit financial statements for large corporations and he saw this strategy used by the executives (mostly so that they could show "earnings" and, thereby, receive their target bonuses for the year).

  10. Kel- interesting theory! I also heard something about two "knox" brands out there- one having been sold to ...Kraft? maybe? I can't remember all the details, but it's very confusing and I guess they're saying that the company that owns the nutra-nails is a different branch from the one that owns the gelatin, so when they said "any" they forgot about the gelatin since it's not THEIR product... or something, but they also said that it was their error, so they'll eat it. lol. All I know is that the company says it's legit, so I have used it. :)