Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walgreens round-up

I feel like I need a round-up of Walgreens deals! There are so many, and more keep popping up. Many of them are monthly deals too! So let's see what we've got so far...


Nabisco crackers $.99/ea
-$2/2 ip HERE

**Note that this coupon WILL beep, so only try this at a coupon friendly Wags, otherwise they'll deny it.

is a good one to throw them in and roll them nicely with other deals!

Electrasol $3.49
-$2.50/1 mq 1.3.10 ss

Stayfree is super cheap, but I would recommend running to Rite Aid for these since it is a MM there! :)

Stayfree $6.99/ea
-bogo mq 1.3.10 SS
-$3/1 Wags in-adqx2 = $6

Reach toothbrushes and floss are mm's...if you can find them in stock!

Reach floss $3.79
Reach floss $3.79

-bogo mq 1.3.30 rp
-$1/1 mq 1.3.10 rp
-$2/1 in-ad Wagsq x2 = $4

=-$1.21 (buy other things to eat the overage)

Bayer deal: Buy 2 participating Bayer items and get $2 rr, Buy 3 items, get $6 rr.
As mentioned in my previous post, there are quite a few ways to do this deal, many of them moneymakers. We know that the Breeze2 and Contour meters are separate deals, so you can do one of each as your 2 items, or 2 of your 3 items.

Included items that are mm's:
Bayer Contour Monitor $14.99
-$30/1 mq 10.25.09 rp

Bayer Breeze2 Monitor $14.99
-$30/1 mq 10.25.09 rp

Bayer Crystals 20ct $2.19 (unadvertised clearance- have your store price-check it)
-$1.50/1 mq 10.25.09 rp

Phillips Milk of Magnesia $1.99 (2 oz.? - small bottle) {This may be a weekly price for this item, but it IS included, even though there is no tag on the item indicating that it should be included}
-$1/1 10/25 rp, 1.3.10 rp

Nabisco: Buy 2 pariticpating items, get $2 rr
The small boxes of Chips Ahoy are working for this deal, although they are not listed to be included, so we do not know how long they will be working, but I bought some tonight and it produced the rr.

Chips Ahoy $.99 {weekly price)
-no q's
Buy two and get $2 rr

Curel or Jergens: Buy 2 and get $5 rr
Curel Therapy Foot Cream 3.5 oz is an unadvertised clearance at $2.99. Buy two with two $1/1 mq's and this is a $1 mm.

Curel Foot Therapy $2.99
-$1/1 mq 12.6.09 ss (there may also have been one this past week, and check Target's printables, I think I remember there meing a manuq for Curel there as well)

Band-Aid or Neosporin get $3 RR wyb 2/$8:
Pepsico products: Buy $20 of product and get $10 rr**Some rolling scenarios**
If you have a $5 Bayer rr, roll it like this:

2 Chips Ahoy $.99/ea
1 Electrasol $3.49
2 Neosporin lip 2/$8
1 Penway folder $.69
Total: $14.16

$3/1 Neosporin lip ip
$2.50/1 Electrasol mq
in-adq for folder = $.50

Total: $.16 + tax

For a $3 rr, use the scenario above, but eliminate either the cookies or the neosporin. Each are $1.98/$2 oop- the cookies giving you a $2rr back and the neo giving you a $3 rr back.


  1. What about the Stayfree and the Reach dental floss deals? I've been doing those all week long.

  2. Has anybody tried the Oreos to see if they print a RR? They are also priced at $.99 this week (I think).

    If you got the Nabisco school bus coupons from last fall, there are $1/2 coupons you can use with the Chips Ahoy to make them $.98 oop & earn $2RR.

  3. Is the curel 12/31 SS a misprint? 12/31 was not a sunday...

  4. Sorry, that should be 12.6, not 12.31

    Jennifer- the oreos doesn't work, only chips ahoy.

  5. FYI - if any of you got the Nabisco "Back To School" coupon book last August, there were two $20 rebates forms in there (one for items in 2009 & one for items in 2010). The Chips Ahoy cookies SHOULD qualify since they're 6 oz!!

    Here's what it says:
    Buy any 10 Participating Nabisco cookies and crackers (4.0-28.0 oz), AND any 5 participating Kraft beverage products AND any 5 participating Easy Mac Single cups (2.05-4.1 oz) between 1/1/10-6/30/10 and receive one $20.00 rebate check.

  6. Wahhhh! I can't go anywhere because of ice on the roads. I still have several Electrasol coupons and want the waters :-(

    Anyway, the Reach deal didn't work for me. The Wags Q only took off $2.00, not $4.00.
    I figured it was because I gave the BOGO Q first.
    But then I wasn't sure if I gave the Wags first, if there would be enough left for the BOGO to work, so I didn't try it again.

    How could I have made it work?

  7. Jennifer- you're so good! I can't keep track of rebates- that's one area where I lack. I'll even get thw stuff, and forget to clip the upc codes, or lose the receipt, or forget to do it until it's too late. If anyone has any good system for keeping up with rebates? I'd love to hear it!

    Melissa- yeah, it's bad here too. You have to do the Wagsq first on any deal with overage to get the full amount. Then you may have to have a cashier that will push through the mq's. I think that's what mine did.

  8. Melissa - I don't know if this is normally the way, but I did 3 separate transaction with the Reach (at 2 different Wags). I gave BOGO first, $1/1 next & Wags last. I was able to get the overage on all of them. There were also a LOT of Reach floss at both stores I went to. :)

    Also, there are 2 different kinds of Electrasol soaps. One is a gel & one is a powder with a red ball in it. At all the stores I went to, the one with gel did not have a red tag under it & was fully stocked. The ones with the red balls had the tags under them & were out of stock. I was almost ready to get a raincheck & then decided to do a price check first. Glad I did! I was able to snag 6 of them tonight. :D