Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some kroger deals for the Louisville (Nashville) region!

Most of the big blogs give the deals for the Southeast region, but I have found a few in OUR region so I wanted to share! Keep in mind BOGO sale items ring up half price and coupons $.50 and under will double.

Here's what I found, if you find any other good deals, please post 'em!

ETA: Free or Nearly Free:
Healthy Choice Meals (prices vary, starting at $1.99)
-$5/5 mq ip (no longer available)
-$1/2 mq ip HERE
-$5/5 Kroger ecard sign up and load HERE
=use the $5/5 paper coupon, if you have it, to get five $1.99 meals for free with the ecoupon. If you don't have it, print two of the $1/2 coupons and use those along with the ecoupon to get 5 for $1

Rolaids 3pk $1.69
-$4/2 mq 1.3.10 RP (this one excludes "trial size" and will beep for the three-pack, but I don't consider this a trial size, and have not had a problem using it on these)
=$.61 over per two

Ester-C $8.59 bogo sale
-$5/1 mq 1.3.10 RP (regional- in AJC, not Tennessean)
=$.70 over

Sundown Vitamins (prices vary) BOGO
(i.e.) Folic Acid $2.89
-$2/1 mq (regional our area did not get these- you can buy on EBay)
=$.55 over
~If you happen to know of a Kroger that takes Publix store coupons as competitor q's, this could be a HUGE moneymaker with the Publix $6/2 from the current Green Adv Buy Flyer

Nature's Bounty (prices vary) BOGO
(i.e.) Magnesium $3.89
-$5/1 mq printable (see how to earn these HERE)
=$3.10 over
~There are also $3/1 and $2/1 q's you can earn here. All these will give you a mm on these vitamins.

Wonka Gummies $1
-$1/1 mq ip (no longer available?)
= Free
~ I originally didn't list this because I had been to two Kroger stores and neither had these tagged as sale items, but I went to a different Kroger today and it was on sale, so it might be worth price-checking if you've got any of these ip's leftover.

Yakisoba $1

-$.50/1 mq 1.3.10 SS, 10.18.09 SS
= Free with doubles

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls/Grands $1
-$1/1 mq ip HERE
~turn this into a moneymaker. buy two and load the $1/2 ecoupon HERE or HERE and you'll get the dollar overage.

Starkist Tuna $1
-$.50/1 mq ip HERE
= Free with doubles

Gatorade $1
-$.50/1 mq 1.10.10 RP
= Free with doubles

Birdseye Frozen Vegetables $1
-$.50/1 mq 1.10.10 SS
=Free with doubles

Suave deodorant $1
-$.50/1 mq 10.25.09 RP (ok, I just saw this expired today, but I can often use expireds at Kroger if it's just a few days- this coupon will beep though b/c it doesn't match the size, even though the coupon says ANY)
= Free with doubles

Oikos Yogurt $1
-$1/1 mq 1.3.10 SS


  1. Did your paper get the $.50/1 Gatorade? I didn't get it in my RP insert.

  2. Ooops! Nevermind - I found it. Right on the back of the front cover. *duh*

  3. why do some of them say "over"? I have never been able to get overage at Kroger, the computer normally adjusts the coupon. Or maybe something has changed recently?

  4. Well, it will depend on the store- The stores I've shopped at- the registers do not adjust the q. They're not "that smart". Occasionally you'll have one beep, but if you have a good cashier that pushes it through (since they will get reimbursed full face value!) you'll get the overage.
    If you've ever shopped a super-doubles or triples, the register WILL adjust the q, but for regular doubles, or for mq's that exceed the value of the item, it should go through fine.

  5. Was the Ester-C coupon regional? I did not get it in my Sunday paper (and I double-checked this time! :D)

  6. Jennifer- you're right! sorry about that- I had a friend get me AJC papers that week and I was looking in those and not the Tennessean. :(

  7. just found your blog! i am excited because i live in louisville. most other blog posts abouts krogers are not this region. im new at this couponing thing so i like to see the deals spelled out for i sure wish we had a publix here :(

  8. Karina- welcome! I live in Clarksville...not too far down the road from you :) i have it on good authority Clarksville is getting a Publix this year! Steadily moving northward...

  9. I read somewhere that Kroger should be getting ready to do a Daytona Sale again pretty soon. If I remember rightly, that's like a Mega sale where we get $5/10? or .50 an item? Rolaids was one of the items? Or am I getting my Sales mixed up? I'd like to try to get a head start on it, if I'm on the right track (track - Nascar - get it? lol)

  10. Just a quick question...I was wondering if these deals are for the week on 1/18 -1/24 or if these are last weeks deals! I too live in the Louisville areas so thank you so much for your hard work!!! It is VERY appreciated!!

  11. Melissa, hmmm- I can't keep their sales straight! But someone said those are on adv buy at Publix right now for $1.50 - lol- very "punny"

    Alli- hi! welcome! they are current deals. I was just there tonight (Jan 20) :D

  12. Yep I just saw the Rolaids 3 packs for 2/$3.00 at Publix.

    But I THINK I remember last time I was spending my $4/2 coupons at Publix and turned out the Kroger Mega sale was the better buy (overage).

    My rememberies, though, would be the Daytona Mage sale later in the year, in the summer I think. Not February. Not sure if it's like the same sale.

    I looked back to last year and most of it looked like the same as every Mega sale - Fruit Snacks and Pillsbury and Totinos Pizza Rolls, etc.

  13. Just found this site! I am in the Lexington, KY area - do you know if your deals are the same region? No Publix here. :( Thanks!

  14. Hi and welcome! hmmm... I *think* all Kentucky is considered teh louisville region, but I'm not totally positive. Let me see what I can find out...meanwhile, you may have to take the prices from my list and match-up to see if it's the same. :)