Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walgreens, looking ahead...

There are some pretty good deals at Walgreens down the line and I wanted to share them now so you can be prepared. :)

Next week,score some free Thermacare wraps and Oust.

Thermacare Single boxes $2.49/ea, earn $2.50rr wyb1
-$1/1 ip HERE

Oust 10oz bogo
-Oust bogo mq 1.3.10
=2 for free

Week of 1.17.10, and getting ready for Superbowl, the great Pepsi/Frito-Lay deal is back!
Buy $20 of Pepsi/Frito lay products and get $10rr. (This is a monthly deal, but the sale is the week of 1.17.10)

Pepsi product 12pks 5/$15
Pepsi 2liters 4/$5
Frito-Lay snacks (chips, etc) 2/$5
32pz Gatorade 5/$5

5 Pepsi 12packs
1 bag Tostitos
1 jar Frito Lay dip
Total: $20

4 $5 Bayer rr

Total: $0.00 oop+tax
~earn $10rr

Since the Monitors were basically free, you just rolled the rr's into food items, and got another $10rr back!!


  1. So I dont shops Wags all that much, well at all truthfully but I was wondering....will this BOGO Oust q beep when you get to the register?? I was going to use the q's at CVS to get the ECB's but only paying tax on 2 free bottles sounds like a good deal to me...whaddya think?? You have all the drugstores down to a science which is the better deal in your opinion??

  2. No, it won't beep at Wags and you shouldn't have a problem (unless you hit upon a cashier having a bad day and wanting to cause trouble or something)- well, it will beep, but only because the cashier has to enter the value of the item. (It will do that anywhere, you know?)

    The better deal? Well, it depends on how you look at it.
    If you don't have any ecb's to roll into the deal at CVS, then you'll be spending money out of pocket, but you'll come out ahead, getting more ecb's back than the money you spent. If, however, you'd like to have less oop, then Wags is the way to go since you will only pay tax.


  3. As for me, the closest CVS to me is an hour away, so I'll hold a few out to use when I go there, but I have a whole bunch of them and the majority I'll use at Wags.

  4. I keep wondering how all you bloggers know what is going to be in the adds ahead of time...Where do you get all your info BEFORE the ad comes out?


  5. Thanks EM!!! I went to CVS and used 2 B1G1 Oust and they had the SoyJoys so I threw a last minute deal together and got 6 SoyJoys, 4 Oust (all they had was 5), Thermacare (on raincheck), 90% clearance random items for my mom....all in all...ending up spending 15ish OOP and got back $45 ECB's!!!! Love the blog!!

  6. I just saw a $1 off Q when you buy tostitos chips and jar of dip. It is in the front of the All You Magazine dated Jan. 22

  7. Terah- There are quite a few sites that post the ads ahead of time. Some of the ones I visit are

    Mama- you're welcome! :) Great deals!!

    Amelia- thanks! I hadn't gotten the new All You yet, great q!