Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walgreens freebie- no coupons required!

May or may not be working- still working this am in certain areas of Georgia for sure~~Rumor has it that the small boxes of Chips Ahoy, which are on sale for $.99, are producing rr's. Buy two @ $.99/ea and you get back a $2rr! That's free. With NO COUPONS needed!

While you're there, you might also take a peek at the clearance items and see if there are any boxes of Bayer Crystals 20ct marked @ 2.19/ea. If so, these qualify for the Bayer rr deal, where if you buy three Bayer items (Diabetic monitors included, ahem), you get $6rr. And there are q's out for these as well, so if you don't have the monitor q's, if you get three, it's dirt cheap after rr, and with q's, it's a mm. And, if you haven't tried these? They taste terrible, but are miracle-workers!! I suffer from migraines and these babies knock it right out like nothing I've ever tried.

Scenario 1
Bayer Contour Monitor $14.99
Bayer Breeze 2 Monitor $14.99
Bayer Crystals $2.19
Total: $32.17

$14.99/1 Monitor coupon x2
$1.50/1 Bayer Crystals 10/25 RP
Total: $31.48

Total oop: $1.69
Earn $5rr wyb Contour, $5rr wyb Breeze 2, $6rr wyb 3 Bayer items

Scenario 2
3 Bayer Crystals $2.19/ea

$1.50/1 bayer Crystals mq x3

Total oop: $2.07
~earn $6rr wyb 3 Bayer items


  1. I was going to buy these (at regular $4.99 price) with 2 meters & it only printed the $3 RR. When I questioned the Mgr about it, he said the 20 ct didn't qualify???

    Any thoughts?

  2. Just did the Bayer crystals + meter deal and it worked like a charm. Thanks for going to the trouble of finding these deals and passing them along. I haven't shopped at Walgreens in quite a while, but this deal was worth it. And my Publix takes RRs. Even better.

  3. Jenifer- huh? I don't think so. At my store that item (20ct) has a red tag under it stating it is part of the deal (unfortunately they were out of stock, so I don't know if they were on sale...) It should have printed a 6- I'd call catalina and ask them- they should send you the other $3

    Kathy you're welcome!! I'm glad you found them! I wish I could. :) LOL

  4. Tried the Chips Ahoy this morning, and it didn't work in suburban Atlanta. FWIW.

    Heather near Atlanta

  5. Brandy - I did a transaction with 2 meters & 1 of the crystals (20 ct). At the end of the transaction, it only printed $5, $5 & $3. I questioned the cashier, who then called the Mgr over. He said the 20ct wasn't part of the deal (and there were no red tags on the shelf). I told him forget it & returned the crystals for my money back.

    In the future, how do I call catalina? Is it better to try to fix it at the store or call catalina?

  6. Jennifer- I usually try to resolve the issue in store because it's faster, but if it's something (like this) that you know SHOULD work and the staff is being difficult, you can call the number on your cat (I think has it on her site too) and give them the receipt info and they can look at the transaction, and know what cats printed, to know what is owed to you.

    Heather- sorry! The deal must be over- it was a mistake- the $2rr was part of a deal where you buy the regular size packs and this one was mistakenly included, so they must have fixed it.

  7. Heahter, I was able to get a few of these yesterday while it was still working, but it must be corrected now. :(

  8. I bought the .99 Chips Ahoy at the Villa Rica Wags this morning and got RRs each time.

  9. I bought 1 Meter and 2 Bayer Crystals and got the $5 and $6 RR!! So exciting! Also got the $2 for Chips Ahoy. Good things DO happen down here in Florida!

    Vero Beach

  10. I was able to get the chips ahoy deal today in Birmingham. Also, Does it have to be the 20ct of Bayer Crystals?

  11. Yay Terah!

    Ashley- that's great! I just did the deal again and got the rr so I think it's still good. The pregnant cashier was thrilled when I shared the deal with her. She walked right over and snagged four boxes. lol. Yep, it has to be the 20ct. None of my stores show them on clearance, but they're ringing up at $2.19- I asked them to price check it for me. I was able to score 6 boxes tonight, using the $1.50/1 q's from 10/25, so a nice mm for a product I do use!!

  12. Brandy, did the deal twice today in Nashville with two meters and the Bayer Crystals. Gracias seniorita.