Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rite Aid deals; week of 1/17

This is a little late, but there are a few deals at Rite Aid this week that you might want to check out.

Kraft mac and cheese is bogo and there is a B3G1 mq in the 12.13.09 SS. Makes 4 for the price of one. I'm not sure what the regular price is though...

Then there's Rebate number 551, a Proctor and Gamble SCR, where if you spend $100 on qualifying items, you get a $35 gift card. There are tons of items listed, and many of them you can work out free with the mm's and $5/20 & $5/25 q's. Buy enough and get up to $100, to get your gift card.

Then there are THESE mail-in-rebates for Olay Regenerist. Olay products are bogo50% this week at RA, making this a moneymaker on some items. There are also some Olay items on clearance, but they do NOT ring up bogo50%, they are either 50% or 75% off.

Here's a scenario:
You could also to do Nature's Bounty as a mm instead of Benevia... pick and choose.

~Scenario 1~
Olay Regenerist Mousse Facial Cleanser $4.99 (clearance priced)
Olay Regenerist Mousse Facial Cleanser $4.99 (clearance priced)
Benevia $8.99 bogo
Benevia 0.00
$6.03 of stuff I need
Total: $25.00

$5/20 VV
$3/1 Olay Regenerist mq 1.17.10 P&G
$3/1 Olay Regenerist mq 1.17.10 P&G
$5/1 Benevia mq ip
$5/1 Benevia mq ip
$2/1 Benevia VV q
$2/1 Benevia VV q

Total oop: 0.00
Submit for Olay $15 MIR

**I do not know if these qualify for the Olay rebate, but I am going to try it. I also might call to find out. The number for questions regarding this rebate is 1-866-789-3386.

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