Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few Wags scenarios

Here's a few Wags scenarios for you
(YMMV on the Accu-check overage)

~Scenario 1~
1 Accu-check Monitor $9.99
4 Nyquil $5/ea
2 Puffs $2.49/ea

up-to$10/1 Accu-check mq 11.8.09 = $9.99
$5/1 Accu-check Wagsq Diabetes and You booklet
4x $2/1 Nyquil mq 1.17.09 P&G
2x -Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products 12.27.09 P&G =$2.49/ea
Wags in-adq 2/$3 Puffsq = $1.98

Total oop: $5.02 (grab a cheap fill and use a $5rr from the Bayer deal if you have it)

Earn $10rr for Nyquil

~Scenario 2~
5 Pepsi 12 pks $15
1 Tostitos chips $2.50
1 Tostitos dip $2.50
1 Accu-check Monitor $9.99

$10rr from Nyquil
up-to$10/1 Accu-check mq 11.8.09 = $9.99
$5/1 Accu-check Wagsq Diabetes and You booklet

=Total oop: $5

earn $10rr


  1. FYI - the $2/1 Nyquill was in the 1/17 P&G (not SS). :D

  2. I had an issue tonight at a Wags store (not one I normally shop at). I need help to see if the cashier was right, or if I was right!

    Here's what I purchased:
    1 Aviva meter
    4 Tostito chips
    2 Tostito dip
    2 Lays chips

    I was (planning on) using:
    (1) -$10/1 Aviva
    (1) -$5/1 Wags meter Q
    (2) -FREE dip wyb 2 Tostito chips
    (4) -$.55 Tostitos SS 1/17
    (1) $6 RR from Bayer

    As you can see, I had 9 items and 8 Mfg Q (7 coupons + 1 RR). I handed him the Mfg coupons first. The meter Q & Free Q went through fine. He scanned the first 3 of my $.55 Tostito coupons. When he was trying to scan the 4th one, it beeped. I told him forget it & handed him my RR - that also beeped! He said since the Tostito coupon is $.55 off both chips and dip their computer counts it as TWO coupons in my total # of coupons vs. # of product! (In other words, my 8 coupons were: Aviva was #1, FREE Q was #2, FREE Q was #3, $.55 Q was 4 & 5, $.55 Q was 6 & 7, $.55 Q was 8).

    I had him void the 3rd $.55 coupon & handed him my RR & it went through fine. Have you ever heard of this?!

    Also, the FREE dips coupons were on tearpads found at Publix THIS week!

  3. Jennifer- yep- he's right- their register "attaches" the x/2 coupons to two items, so it counts as two coupons. :( at least it was just $.55! Every now and again, you'll have one that won't work taht way, so I always try it...but I'm prepared with a filler, just in case. lol.

  4. Bummer - I hate it when I'm wrong, especially when I argued with the cashier for 10 minutes with kids in the cart! Oh well, live & learn! Thanks for the clarification. :)