Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rite Aid week of 1/3 deals of note

Some good deals at Rite Aid this week, and some scenarios for you.

Stayfree pads bogo
-bogo mq 1/3 rp
=Free for two

Nviea lip care bogo
-bogo mq 1/3 rp
=Free for two

Got2Be Hair care $5.99 bogo
-$3/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
=Free for two wyb 2 and use two VV coupons
~This deal is interesting- it's the first VV coupon to specifically state LIMIT TWO PER CUSTOMER- so you can use two coupons, purchase two, get them both free, but you may only buy two.

Now, here's how you turn freebies into moneymakers: Go get a $5/25 from or a $5/20 from Video Values and purchase enough to get to the $15 (or $20, depending on which coupon is used), then get $5 of things you need. Pay only tax for all items.

Plus, with the new Game of Life game going on at Rite Aid, beginning today, you get a game piece for each transaction as well as one for each "specially purchased" product. Nivea being one of those. (But the ones that are free with store sale don't count)

So, I bought
12 Nivea lip care @ 2.99 bogo
3 20oz Mt Dew @1.49/ea

6 bogo Nivea coupons

Paid $1.60 oop

received 9 Game of Life pieces (and some good coupons!) 6 for Nivea and 3 for Mt Dew.

Not a bad deal!


  1. Thanks for the match-ups!!! FYI - the nivea and Stayfree coupons are in the Redplum inserts, not the Smartsource.

  2. oops! thanks, I'll correct that. :)