Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maryland Farms Publix store info

You all know that I have a favorite Publix store I shop at- the Maryland Farms location. Since the new year started, the stores in the Nashville region have received directives to make some adjustments and look into several areas of the stores. One of those areas is coupons.
Maryland Farms is still my absolute favorite store to shop at and they have a superb coupon policy, but as of the beginning of the year, they will no longer take competitor q's for money off the total (like a Rite Aid $5/25) unless it is a traditional grocery store coupon, like HG Hills.

I had a long conversation with the store manager and I told him I would pass along the information to my fellow couponers in Nashville (at least those that read my blog) so ya'll aren't surprised when you go in.

Apparently the stores were told to review their coupon policies due to complaints they received at corporate (not sure who was complaining), that some people (not in our region, elsewhere) were "getting paid" to shop at Publix. I have always said that expecting the store to open the register for you, even if you're doing everything correctly, is in the wrong spirit, and sends a bad message. Now it has caused them to review coupons.

In addition, one shopper used a $30/$75 coupon (CVS? I'm not totally sure) at the MF Publix and that raised some flags.

Passing along the info so noone is caught unaware!


  1. When I was in the store Saturday, Sharon told me they were not taking any of the "unique" coupons (like Toys R Us, World Market, etc.) When I asked about Rite Aid & CVS, she told me they were still taking those. Do you know if that has changed?

  2. Yes, there was some confusion, but Eric was going to clarify with Sandy (and Sharon too I guess), they will continue to take competitor's coupons off a specific product (like a Toys R Us coupon on Huggies, or a Rite Aid coupon for Lays chips) but no "dollars off" coupons from the drugstores or World Market, etc.

  3. I found out the hard way. Went up to pay with a full cart and then walked away empty handed. I wish they would have posted a sign somewhere.That way I wouldn't have spent 2 hours shopping just to hear "We don't take those anymore."

  4. Let me know if you hear any more!

    When I talked to Sharon, I asked her specifically about the $/$$ Rite Aid & CVS coupons. At that time, she said they would still take those, but not "unusual" stores (ie: Toys R Us & World Market).

    I am bummed that they are making these changes. However, even with these new changes, they still have the BEST coupon policy of any of the Publix stores in my area!

  5. Anon- they are still taking all other q's- the only ones they are not taking are the x/xx ones. Please ask for Eric the next time you go in, the store manager, because he told me yesterday that the first time a customer walked away unhappy, he was going to rethink the whole thing. He believes in customer service first and foremost. So, please, take a few minutes to speak with him the next time you go over there.

    Jennifer- there has definitely been confusion, but Eric did reiterate that they would not take ANY x/xx's, but would take specific product q's.

  6. Geez, I didn't even know that you could use X/XX CVS and Rite Aid Q's at this store in the past. LOL. I also didn't know that they take specific product Q's from Toys-R-Us, Rite Aid, etc. Do they take specific product Q's from Walgreens and CVS?

  7. I mainly shop at the Cool Springs Publix. I love this store. The employees are great! However, this same change was made beginning November 1st at this location. I thought that this change was made at all the Publix stores at the same time.

    In addition to the $/$$ off coupons from the drugstores, they will not take a specific item coupon from a competitor unless it is Kroger, Whole Foods, or Food Lion. They used to take Target coupons as well, but they stopped that also. I don't mind them not taking the $/$$ off coupons, but I would like to use the specific item coupons from the competitors, and in my opinion a competitor should be any store selling the same item within 10 - 15 miles of the Publix.

    Tell me, do you know if the Maryland Farms Publix takes Target and Food Lion coupons? I wouldn't mind driving the 7 miles to that location if they did take these coupons.

    Thank you!

  8. Kelly, yes, they do. Eric considers any specific product coupons a competitor, since you'll be using that coupon somewhere, he'd rather it be at his store. That's one smart cookie, that Eric.

    Anon- MF does indeed take FLips and Target coupons.