Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rite Aid 5/9 week

Slow week at Rite Aid but a few items of note.

Bounty Basic $.99
-$1/1 mq from P&G booklet

Puffs $.99
-$1/1 mq from Vocalpoint mailer

Benadryl $4.99
-$5/2 mq 4.11.10
-$1/1 RA VVq
=$2.98 for two and qualifies for Zyrtec/benadryl rewards AND allergy rebate

Neutrogena select sunscreens $9.99
-$2/1 ip HERE

And these deals are still good:
Benevia drinks $8.99 bogo (deal good through 5/15)
-$2/1 Video Values coupon HERE
-$5/1 printable (no longer available, but doesn't expire until 12/21!)
-$3/1 ip HERE

Nature's Bounty Vitamin bogo (deal good through 5/15)
-$2/1, $3/1, $5/1 mq (go HERE to get more info on getting these coupons)
-$1/1 Video Values coupon

Everlast Vitamin bogo $19.99 (deal good through 5/15- found at stores with a GNC section)
-$10/1 RA printable HERE
-BOGO RA printable HERE (expires 5.11.10)

I need sunscreen, so here is what I will be doing

Neutrogena $9.99
NB Vitamin $4.99
NB Vitamin $0
NB Vitamin $4.99
NB Vitamin $0

2x $5/1 NB mq
2x $1/1 NB RAVVq
$2/1 Neutrogena mq

=$.97 +tax oop


  1. Baby wipes are on sale to for B1G1 50% Go to see how to get them for .22

  2. We are in the short ad region and I'm pretty sure I didn't see that bogo50% sale in our ad, but I'll double check tomorrow!

  3. Brandy,
    Here's an Everlast BOGO coupon to go with your $10.

    I used both today with no problems at all!!!