Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gaylord Donates thousands of pounds of food

In the wake of the flood, there are some good things happening. My Mom was telling me earlier that since the Hotel is closed until who knows when, they decided to go through the unaffected kitchens in catering and clear out all the food to donate.

There was an article posted HERE regarding this, here's the text from that article, I am loving that they are donating filet mignon and gourmet cheeses to the Rescue Mission! Those regulars are going to have a surprise in store for them!:

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center announced Tuesday that they have donated tens of thousands of pounds of perishable frozen and refrigerated food to Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief to assist with their emergency feeding response in the local Nashville community

The donated food was purchased by Gaylord Opryland for a conference of more than 1500 attendees scheduled for three days of events at Nashville’s largest convention center. Some of the other food, for example, was donated by the restaurants and other parts of the resort not impacted by the flooding.

The donation was made to the Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief Group that will use the food items to feed thousands of meals to local citizens, evacuees and volunteers that are assisting in the disaster response across Middle Tennessee.

“Making something good out of a natural disaster is what makes this world go around,” said Carl Lord, volunteer for Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief. “Gaylord Opryland making this generous food donation will help thousands of evacuees and homeless throughout the state. We are grateful Gaylord called us to help.”

“It is uplifting to all of our STARS (employees) to be able to give something to the community during this challenging time,” said Pete Wiein, Senior Vice President, Gaylord Opryland Resort. “The donation adds a little sweet spot to the bitterness that has covered the hotel and the city the past few days.”

“Our incredible banquets and restaurant teams volunteered to help load the meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit into the refrigerated trucks provided by the TN Disaster Response Group,” said Vincent Dreffs, Director of Catering and Operations, Gaylord Hotels. “It has been a pleasant diversion and now it is back to work.”

Tennessee shelters can also expect to receive a shipment of unique food items such as gourmet cheeses, filet mignon, lobster and fresh produce.


  1. Great story. Thanks!

    I have a large stockpile of items from couponing. I have many new items I can donate. If you happen to know of a place to donate items (not contribute money), would you please post that information? Thanks again!

  2. I have seen several places accepting donations, I will make a list and post it for anyone interested- thanks for asking!!

  3. I heart publix has a good list where I finally found a place to donate toiletries as that is what I have to give. Of course, I forgot to put my box in the car today so am bummed about that.... will have to do it later.

  4. I know of quite a few places you can donate toiletries/health and beauty items, etc to, but they are not flood related organizations.