Saturday, May 22, 2010

Super cheap Huggies Wipes at Kroger (might end today!)

Sorry about the late notice on this. I just went out to check/do this deal a bit ago.

This might go through next week, but there's no guarantees.

Huggies deal: Buy $15 in participating Huggies products and get $3 off instantly.

Huggies tubs on sale for $1.99

8 Huggies tubs $1.99/ea
-(4) $2/2 Huggies Wipes mq HERE
-$3 instant savings
=$4.92 + tax

I was running low and Huggies wipes are my absolute favorite. I was also able to get some of the extra thick ones that are more for cleaning filthy hands than filthy bottoms, and I've heard those are really great. Sweet!


  1. ~~~Deal Idea~~~
    (8) Huggies Wipes $1.99 ea
    (4) Nature's Bounty $4.04 (D-100) (sale bogo)
    (4) -$2/2 Huggies Wipes HERE and Here
    (4)$3/1 Nature's Bounty HERE (Go HERE and/or HERE to get codes)
    -$3 off instant savings wyb $15 Huggies products (with your Kroger card)
    Total:$1.00 + Tax
    I did this deal today and paid $2.92 after tax

  2. Thanks Crystal! :) I actually did something very similar, but I am now out of Nature's Bounty q's. Rats!

  3. I had all my friends printing them for me lol. I didn't know how it would work at Kroger. I never use overage there before.

  4. It's tricky- you have to make sure the face value of the coupon is LESS than the regular retail of the item or it will beep. So don't try the $5/1 coupon on the $4.09 items. It will say the coupon exceeds value and you'll need an override by the cashier (and we know how that goes). But you can use the $5/1 on the ones that are $5.49 for $2.75 overage on that bottle.

  5. Hey Brandy! I am just stopping in to let you know that the NEW Publix at Nashville West is set to open on June 16th!!! Yay! It's practically in my back yard! :-)

  6. Hey Mel! Thanks! I was talking to several folks at my Publix today about the new store. I can't wait to check it out. You have to tell me exactly where it is though. lol. Because I will definitely be shopping there occasionally. You'll be excited to know (as I am very, VERY sad!) that my two favorite employees from my store, including the awesome CSM, are transferring to that store. *sob*

  7. Do you go to the store in Belle Meade? That's where I go and I love it...but the new one will be much closer to my house. We went to Belle Meade Publix yesterday, and a cashier was being trained for the new store. I told them that I was a good case study, as I had lots of coupons and even a rain check! lol!

    The new store is near the intersection of Charlotte and Annex. Surely you have been to Nashville West? The new Publix is where HG Hill used to be. It is next to Cosco, and across the street from Strike and Spare.

    There is a Target at Nashville West, so we can cross our fingers that this new Publix will accept Target coupons as a competitor. There is also an Aldi nearby.

    Of course, when I need to go to Belle Meade HT or Kroger, then I may stop in at the Belle Meade Publix.

    ALSO, I am sure that you saw that there is a $2 off coupon for any Huggies in the new Publix ad. The Belle Meade Kroger will accept that (I hope...they did last time), so it can be used as part of the Huggies deal ($3 off $15) that runs through Saturday, I think.

  8. No, I have a friend that shops there mostly b/c she lives right around the corner (although she has had a hard time getting any overage lately), I shop at the Maryland Farms Publix. (most of the time). I am still seriously bummed out that my favorite CSM is going to the new store. BOO!

    I am not familiar with that area at all, so I need like, exact directions. lol.

    Yes, I've had luck using Publix coupons at that Belle Meade Kroger before, so hopefully they are still taking those. I didn't know the $3 off $15 was still going on though- that's awesome!