Thursday, May 13, 2010

Donate to the Nashville Relief efforts without costing a dime!

WOW!!! This is amazing! Those of us on a very tight budget may not be able to donate real money, but by using Swagbucks, you search the web to earn "bucks". You're already searching anyway right? Download the toolbar and earn swagbucks for your searches, then through June 6, you can donate those bucks and Swagbucks will turn them into REAL CASH to donate to the relief efforts!

I had 236 Swagbucks in my account and I just donated 200 of them to the relief, (increments of 50 I think)!

Join Swagbucks and donate now!

Then, invite all your friends and earn even more bucks and they can donate and you can donate more... it's a cumulative effect.

How much can you donate?

Go HERE to sign up!

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