Sunday, May 9, 2010

Swagbucks = Free Money

If you've not jumped on the Swagbucks bandwagon, you might want to consider it! Basically, you earn "bucks" for searching the web.

There are other ways to earn swagcodes, but I pretty much just use the downloadable toolbar to do all my internet searching and get paid to search for things I am already looking for. I try to type in something random at least once a day b/c you tend to get bucks at least once a day.

My favorite gift to redeem for? Amazon gift cards. The $5 Amazon gift card. I have quite a few of these I am collecting for when I need to order something. Christmas for my kiddos was largely paid for thanks to Amazon gift cards bought by Swagbucks!

Go HERE to sign up!


  1. I have a Swagbucks tip. I get Swagbucks twice everyday. Swagbucks reset at midnight central time. I do a few searches after midnight and always get Swagbucks. Then, 12 or more hours later, I do another search and get Swagbucks a second time. Sometimes, I do searches just before midnight and then just after midnight and get my Swagbucks for the day this way.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I have noticed I get bucks with the first or second search of the day then if I do another search a few hours later I will sometimes get more- butjust searching all day won't really earn you more than the ocassional search. Great tip!

  3. I just saw on the Swagbucks site that now thru 06/10 you can donate your Swagbucks to Nashville Flood Relief efforts.

  4. That is a great tip, Lisa! I amy have to start trying that one. I love swagbucks. I'm saving them for Aidan's birthday in August and Christmas gifts. Swagbucks=Awesome.