Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Walgreens Moneymaker next week

To get prepared go HERE and register for the Rewards program at Nature's Bounty. (Nature's Bounty is in the process of changing their program, so this will be one of the last months you can do this version of their rewards program.

Then go HERE to read about codes to enter to earn coupons. Once you enter 500pts worth of codes, you can print a $5 coupon. Once you enter 300pts, you can get a $3 coupon, 200pts will earn you a $2 coupon.
These are Bricks coupons with a limit of 6 each. Once you print one, hit your back button to print another, up to 6 of each! You will not be able to print more than 6 even if you earn enough codes until they are reset, so don't waste your points. You can, however, go to another computer and print coupons from the same account.

Here's the deal:
Nature's Bounty Vitamin D 1000 iu high potency 120 ct tablets are on sale for $5, and you earn a $5 rr wyb 1.
So it's free after rr- any coupon you use make it a mm. With the $5 coupon, this is a $5 mm!! Use this on things you need- diapers, milk, toilet it!

I am going to be asking my SM to order me a bunch of bottles tomorrow so I know they're there!

I am totally psyched to earn a bunch of rr's to pay for things we need for our vacation! Sunscreen, swim diapers, flip flops, bottled water, snacks, etc. :) YAY!


  1. Hey Brandy,
    do you know if NB has reset lately? How often do they do that? And do you just have to do all the work with the points and hope for the best to test it out? I think I've printed my limit on all computers available to me:) for Kroger use. Would like more for there too. But would be nice to get some "free" RR at Wags too.

  2. Wow, thanks Brandy! I wish it were other varieties as well, not just vitamin D (maybe we will discover next week that it is!) I have plenty of Sundown vitamin D from Publix that I got for free! No complaints from me about MMs! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I was only able to print 4 from my first computer, but will try on another!

    Harris Teeter has Huggies on sale through next Tues for $2.99 after the $3 ip we've been getting lately, so I might take some of the RR there! I'm stocking up for my little girl due in Aug!

  4. Is this legal?....just wondering, cause I have already printed mine.

  5. Only let me print 4. What am I doing wrong?

  6. They might have changed the print limit recently- although I was able to print 6 a couple of days ago.
    Colleen- I think it resets every thirty days for your account - I had some that expired 4/2 so I was good to print more.

    Anon- I am not sure exactly what you are asking about bit when you hit the back button you get a new print with a new unique identifying pin. If you are talking about entering the codes- it is probably not what nature's bounty intended when they set up the system (and why they are changing it) but they have not shut down the program ( and they are definitely aware of it) so if you feel wrong doing it then don't :) . I don't feel bad at all- supplements are one of the biggest moneymaking industries out there.

    Stacey- I saw that deal on huggies! Crazy and definitely worth checking out though I suspect it might be one I end up getting a raincheck on- lol

  7. Oh and Mel - i KNOW! Well I've been andwill be donating a lot of vitamin D ;)

  8. I tried again on another pc, and only got 4 so the limit must have changed! I'm definitely not complaining though since we normally only get 2 prints of a q!

  9. Thanks for the heads-up! I started with 0 points & ended with 3900! Gonna find more computers to print & redeem some points. :)

    And in case anyone didn't read the instructions (like me), you can enter each code 2x!

  10. Hahaha, Brandy...just this morning my hubby said "you got any of those Walgreens coupons?" I said "I will next week...what for?" He said for his Crew pomade...stuff he puts in his hair! It's like $17! He has tried other brands, but this is the best. Sooooo, thank goodness for RRs!

  11. CVS is also going to be having these BOGO next week. They aren't issuing ECB on the NB, but it would give you lots of overage to buy the other items issuing ECB.

  12. Thank you so much Earthy Mama

  13. I'm just curious if they've done this deal before and if there's chance it won't work. I'm thinking of the deal they had on allergy meds this week where you were supposed to get a $5 RR, but when you used the $5 coupon that was in last Sunday's paper, the RR didn't print.
    I guess I'm gonna try it in the morning with one and see what happens. Worst case.. i pay tax only for some vitamins with no RR. Not what I'm hoping for, but not a loss if the RR doesn't print.

  14. Leah- I was wondering the same thing. It is a rare ocurrance that the rr and the mq are coded the same. I am going to buy one with a $3/1 coupon and then compare the rr to the coupon barcode. I will post tomorrow as soon as I know if there's a problem with the $5/1.


    I am soooooo excited! These NB coupons will be good at FOUR places this week!

    Wags (as posted)
    CVS (as Jennifer mentioned- with the bogo deal)
    Rite Aid: they are bogo, and there's a $1/1 Rite Aid Video Value coupon to stack with!
    Kroger: NB is bogo here as well.

    I am wishing I had access to more computers!

  15. The $5 coupon DOES work on the vit D! Woohoo!

  16. Yeah it does! :) This morning I got 1 bottle of the vit D and a pack of Huggies. After my coupons I paid $2.11 AND got my $5rr back for the vit D.
    Thank you soooo much for sharing this deal!!

  17. I just want to make sure I understand...I entered 1000 points...I redeemed 500 for the $5 coupon, and printed it 4 times. I need to go to another computer and log in to redeem another 500 points and print from there? That makes sense, I just wanted to confirm.

    Brandy, thanks again for letting us know about this...I just went to Wags to redeem my first $5 coupon. I paid 46 cents for that $5RR! The cashier commented that I had a great coupon! I told her I had gone to the Nature's Bounty website to print it.

  18. Leah- YAY!

    Mel- Yes, that is correct. You could also use 300 of your points to print 4 of the $3 coupon from the same computer. (you know, hit the back button)
    same for the $2 coupon.


  19. OH, also, this deal is even better than the Bayer monitor deal, because here in TN, we pay outrageous tax, so less tax and all profit in RRs!

  20. Brandy, gracias seniorita. Got me 4 bottles a few minutes ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  21. Phew - I checked 9 Walgreens stores in the Nashville area before I found one that had these in stock! Thanks for the heads up on this post!

  22. It's a good thing there's practically one on every corner here! :)

  23. Ok, so I asked my husband to print the $5/1 Q from his work computer. I TOLD HIM to click the "back" button to print it 4x. Instead, he clicked the "use 500 points for a $5 coupon" 4 times!! :(

    You mentioned that this program is going to be ending, so is it worth it to try to contact Nature's Bounty to see if there's anything they would do to put the additional 1500 points back in my account?

  24. Jennifer- lol. My Mom did the SAME thing! I asked her to hit the back button to print them for me and she said, it won't let me print it again (ugh). Anyway- no, I don't think calling them will help, but you can create another account and enter the same codes for that account- you won't be able to print any more coupons from the same computer, but you will be able to add the same codes on the new account, and then use that account to print the coupons you need on another computer that has not reached its limit.

    Clear as mud?